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(1) Virginia 1607
Founder: London (Virginia) Company
Reason: Looking to seek profit
(2) New Hampshire 1620
Founder: John Mason
Reason: Land grant
(3) Massachusetts 1628
Founder: Puritans
Reason: Protestant haven
(4) Maryland 1634
Founder: Lord Baltimore
Reason: Catholic haven
(5) Connecticut 1635
Founder: Massachuttes emigrants
Reason: Attractive land. Used to be Dutch trading center.
(6) Rhode Island 1636
Founder: Roger Williams
Reason: Complete religious freedom
(7) N. Carolina 1653
Founder: Virginians
Reason: They were outcasts
(8) New York 1664
Founder: Dutch. Duke of York
(9) New Jersey 1664
Founder: Berkeley and Carteret
(10) Carolina 1670
Founder: Eight nobles
Reason: Sent by King, wanted a profitable place like the West Indies
(11) Pennslyvania 1681
Founder: William Penn
Reason: religious freedom
(12) Delaware 1638
Founder: Swedes
(13) Georgia 1733
Founder: James Oglethrope
Reason: Buffer, debt-zone