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Dominion of New England
1686 - British gov combined colonies of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut into single province headed by a royal governor (Andros).
New England Confederation
1643 - Formed to provide for defense of the four New England colonies, and also acted as a court in disputes between colonies.
Roanoke Island
early settlement in NC by Walter Raleigh - found abandonded later
Mayflower Compact
1620 - 1st agreement for self-government in Amer.was signed by the 41 men on the Mayflower & set up a government for Plymouth colony.
Massachusetts Bay Colony
1629 - King Charles gave Puritans right to settle & govern a colony in the Massachusetts Bay area. The colony established political freedom & a repres. gov.
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Set up a unified government for the towns of the Connecticut area. First constitution written in America.
John Smith
Helped found and govern Jamestown. His leadership and strict discipline helped the Virginia colony get through the difficult first winter.
John Rolfe
as 1 of English settlers at Jamestown (married Pocahontas).discovered how tobacco in Virginia which made Virginia economically successful colony.
House of Burgesses
1619 1st legislative body in colonial Amer. Later other colonies would adopt houses of burgesses.
Bacon’s Rebellion
1676 - Nathaniel Bacon&other Virginians angry at Virginia Gov Berkley 4trying to appease Indians after they attacked western settlements. formed army & defeated Indians & marched & burned Jamestown
Slavery begins
1619 - first African slaves in America arrive in Virginia colony - b4=indentured servants
1st permanent English settlement in N. America - founded by Virginia Co.
Proclamation of 1763
under Grenville - no colonizing west of the Appalachians
Triangular Trade
New eng traded rum for slaves w/africa .brit sold slaves in carribbean for molasses.molasses used to make rum
economic policy of Euro in 1500s-1700s.idea that national strength & economic security comes from exporting more than imported.Great Brit exported goods &forced colonies to buy them.
French and Indian War
Britain & France fought for control of Ohio Valley & Canada. Indians fought w/french - Brit wins and gain all french possessions in canada
Albany Plan of Union
During French & Indi War, Ben.Franklin wrote proposal for a unified colonial gov, which would operate under authority of the British government.
Writs of Assistance
Search warrants issued by Brit gov.allowed officials to search houses &ships for smuggled goods, and to enlist colonials to help them search.
James Otis
colonial lawyer who defended colonial merchants who were accused of smuggling. Argued against writs of assistance & Stamp Act.
Grenville’s Program
Prime Minister,passed Sugar Act 1764 &Stamp Act 1765 to help finance cost of maintaining a standing force of British troops in colonies.shifting brit. burden to colonies
Sons of Liberty
radical political org for colonial independence,formed 1765 after passage of the Stamp Act by Samuel adams & Paul revere
John Dickinson
"Letters fr a Farmer in Pennsylvania" 1767 to protest Townshend Acts.
Committees of Correspondence
began 1763Massachu.-created own committtees to exchange information & organize protests to British trade regulations.
Boston Tea Party
December 16, 1773 colonials disguised as Indians boarded british ship& threw tea overboard.
Paul Revere
rode through countryside warning local militias of approach of British troops
Thomas Paine
A British citizen, wrote Common Sense, published 1776, to encourage colonies to seek independence
Continenntal Congress
1st one Sep. 1774 - formed to denounce intolerable acts
Battle of saratoga
Colony victory - convinced French to join colonies
Battle of Yorktown
ended major fighting of war- Cornwallis of Brit. surrenders
John Locke
"Second Treatise of Government"believed gov based on a "social contract" that existed between a gov &its ppl
Treaty of Paris 1763
ends French & Indi. war - French lose all in N. Amer including Canada & Spain gets Florida
Intolerable Acts
include Quebec act (catholicism official religion)& coercive acts (stronger quartering act)
Stamp Act
1765 - Grenville's revenue measures-required all documents used in colonies, had to be written on stamped British paper-caused riots
Patrick Henry
member of Virginia House of Burgesses-gave speeches against Brit gov & its policies urging colonies to fight for independence.
Townshend Acts
series of revenue measures, passed by Townshend on items imported into the colonies