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Sherman silver purchase act
moderate prosilver act passed by republicans in 1890 in exhange for a high tariff
Billion dollar congress
free spending legisl. of 1890 dominted by house speaker Thomas reed
homestead act
fed. law that offered generous land opportunities to poor farmers but provided wicked w/ hoaxes & fraud
Marcus Hanna
Ohioan businessman who believed gov was to aid business & supported McKinely
Election of 1896
repub Mckinely (winner) v. Democ William Jennings Bryan -death of the populist party
Chivington Massacre
Sand Creek, CO - 1864 militia killed more than 400 Indians
sherman anti-trust act
by Reed- was "supposed" to curb monopolies
McKinely Tariff
trade off for Sherman silver purchase act -highest peace time tarriff - avg=48.4%
panic of 1893
gold reserve dropped below $100 million - rr's bankrupt - 20% labor out of work
Wilson Gorman tariff
1894-replaced McKinely Tariff - went to 41%
Coxey's Army
led march of 500ppl fr Ohio to washington-upset w/ cong's lack of action - wanted them to relieve unemployment
graduated income tax
part of Wilson gorman tariff w/2% tax on incomessssss over $4000-eventually crt overturned
Pollock vs Farmer's loan & trust
crt ruled that incone can't be taxed
Mary E. Lease
-many speeches upbraiding moneyed aristocracy - "raise less corn & more hell"
Greenback Labor Party
farmer's grievences-elected 14 cong members & James b. weaver-for paper& rather than silver
Farmer's Alliance
many difer alliances - all had differ policiessss creating tension esp racially - replaced by grange
Omahad platform
(populist)-free coinage of silver,graduated incom tax, gov ownership of public utilities, low tariff,end to monopolies,lowimmigration
Helen Hunt
"a century of dishonor" - book on gov's ruthlessness dealing w/ the natives
Oliver h. Kelly
leader of the grange
poured into OK territory on horses
Ignatius Donnely
A leader of the Populist Party in Minnesota
Josiah Strong
"our country" argued that the American country and people were superior because they were Anglo-Saxon
Captain Alfred Thayler Mahan
"Influence of Sea Power upon History" strong navy crucial to US becoming a world power
Yellow Journalism
Joseph Pulitzer&William Randolph Hearst-exaggerated & promoted war w/ Spain for Cuban independence
De Lome letter
Hearst stole letter fr Spanish minister Delome portraying McKinely as corrupt-insult against US
USS Maine
maine exloded in havana Habor killing 260-blaimed on Spanish-last straw
Pan American Union
James G. Blaine-tried to secure alliance in Western Hemisphere (Latin America) & offered lower trade tarrifs
Root Takahira Agreement
US & Japan would acknowledge open door policy
Gentlemen's Agreement
Jap wouldnt allow free flow of immigrants & US would make it easier for Jap in education and jobs
Teller amendment
war delcaration to Spain announcing US intention is soley to free Cuba
Platt Amendment
replaces teller amendm.-after Cuba gains independence- US reserves right to intervene in Cuba
insular cases
constituational law doesnt apply to non-Amer citizens
Tydings McDuffie Act
sets date for Filipino indpenence for July 4, 1946
clayton bulwur treaty
kept countries fr securing exclusive control over an isthmian canal (only joint efforts)
hay pauncefote treaty
overrides clayton bulwer-gives US exclusive rights to Latin American canal
Hay Bunau Varilla treaty
USs retains rights to 10 mile wize zone in Panama for 100 yrs
Roosevelt corrollary (to the monroe doctrine)
US could step in Latin Amer affairs when needed
Russo-Japanese War
Roosevelt resolves w/ Treaty of Portsmouth & wins nobel peace prize
"splendid little war"
John Hay coined for the Spanish American war
Dollary Diplomacy
under Prez Howard Taft- Wall street money would be used to uphold foreign policy
treaty of paris aug, 1898
ends spanish war