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Plessy v. Ferguson
established seperate but equal facilities
Scottsboro Boys case
two black boys pulled off a train after quaraling with white boys - women claimed the boys raped them - life sentence
A Philip Randolph
"father of the civil rights movement" created idea of march on washington movement
Presedential committee on civil rights
.under Truman - expand civil rights section of the justice department and expanded laws against lynching
Executive order 9981
desegregation of the armed forces
Eisenhower on Civil rights
very conservative - didnt support it at first but appointed Earl Warren
Brown v. Board of education
(under Warren) - overturned Plessy v. Ferguson - seperate facilities is not equal
Earl Warren
appointed chief justice - very liberal and influential in the black cause (marshall defended Linda)
Thurgood Marshall
1st African American chief justice
Southern manifesto
response to Warren's liberalism in the courts - anti-liberal statement created by s. congressmen
Orval Faubus
orders national guard to prevent 9 black students from entering Central HS (little rock) Eisenhower sends troops
Emmitt Till case
Mississippi headline murder- Emmitt makes a pass at a white woman and is murdered
Mongomery Bus Boycott
.Sparked by Rosa Parks
.cheap taxi service aided boycotters
Martin Luther King Jr.
creates "Southern Christian leadership conference" (sclc) and encourages nonviolent resistance
sitin on lunch counters, hotels, etc. by students and the Student nonviolent coordinating system (sncc)
civil rights act of 1957
prohibited discrimination in public places but not a big deal - was not enforced
albany campaign
in georgia - unsucessful
Strom Thurmond
longest filibuster in history (just keep talking so couldnt finish debate and vote on bills)
Freedom Riders
organized by CORE - tested Morgan v. Commonwealth ruling saying taht segregated buses = unconstitutional
James Meredith
1st black man to attend University of Mississippi - JFK sends troops to protect
Governor George Wallace
University of Alabama - "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segreg. forever" - later runds for prez. and changes stance
Medgar Evers
civil rights activist - assasinated
16th street Baptist church
4 black girls killed in bombing
Freedom Summer
effort to organize voting campaigns
24th amendment
abolishes the poll tax (the poll tax was a registration fee for voting)
Civil rights bill of 1964
forbade segregation in hotels, motels, restaraunts, etc. - this time more enforced
Title VII
under civil rights bill-discrimination based on reace, religion, gender, and national orgin=illegal
voting rights act of 1965
eliminated ridiculous literacy test that many blacks had to take to vote
affirmative action
a certain ratio of people would be counted... ex= colleges give benefits to blacks
swann v. charlotte-mecklenburg borad of education
desegregation of buses
Bakke case
racial quotas = unlawful (ex.=a white man denied from berekely b/c he was white)
Nation of Islam
black Muslim movement - most notable & well-organized
Malcom x
.said not to be passive
."any means necessary"
Stokely Carmichael
promoted black nationalism
Huy Newton and Bobby Seal
early organizers of the Black Panthers
Watts riots and detroit riots
began after an arrest of a black motorist - in NY & NJ
Kerner Commission
appointed by LBJ to investigate watts and detroit riots - found that blacks felt powerless
Charles Stuart
shoots pregnant wife and blames it on a black man
Susan Smith
drowns children in a car and blames it on a black man
Rodney King beating
sparks riots
election of 1948
Truman defeats Dewey
.dixiecrats rise against Truman but fail
Truman's Fair Deal 1949
preserved new deal programs but couldnt add to it
GI Bill of rights 1944
housing and educational aid to veterans - response to unemployment fears
Taft-Hartley Act 1947
outlawed "closed shops" & limited unions' power (closed shops=requirement of membership to union to work)
Levitt towns
suburban assembly line production of housing - "white flight" to suburbs
.1st one in NY
John Kenneth Galbraith
"the affluent society" - praises the 50's
John Clellon Holmes
termed the "beat generation" for the 50's
Dr. Jonas Salk
vaccine for polio
Election of 1960
JFK v. Nixon - JFK wins b/c better spoken on tv
.series of 4 debates
New Frontier
JFK's policy
Warren Commission
investigate JFK's assasination - "magic bullet theory" - Lee Harvey Oswald couldntve done by himself + Jack Ruby murdered Oswald
Election of 1964
LBJ wins w/ his "great society" platform & his war on poverty
Medicare Act of 1965 & Medicaid
under LBJ - help the elderly and underpriveledged respectively
Housing and Urban Devlopment under LBJ
immigration act of 1965
discontinued national origins system from 1920's
"new left" & counterculture
associates with protesting (esp. the viet. war), drugs, sex, and rock'n roll & "flower children"
Timothy Leary & Woodstock
encouraged use of LSD & became counterculture leader
.woodstock = party area in SF
reapportionment decisions
in Baker V. Carr & Wesberry V. Sanders (under Warren)
.tried to eliminate gerrymandering of black votes - made their voice more significant
mapp v. Ohio
(under Warren) established necessity of search warrants
Glideon Vv. Wainright,
Escobedo v. IL,
Miranda v. AZ
these three cases mainly protected the accused (right to a lawyer..etc...)
Abington School District v. Schempp
forced prayer banned in public schools
Griswold v. Connecticut
(a couple broke the law by using contraceptives) this established a right to privacy
Warren E. Burger
replaced Earl Warren as chief justice
Alice Paul
push for equal rights ammendment - never succeeds
Betty Friedan
"Feminine Mystique" and founded "national orginization for women" (NOW)
the glass ceiling
term applied to women and the invisible barrier keeping them from advancing in society
Roe v. Wade
(under Burger) legalized abortion
Title IX
guaranteed equal access for girls to all programs
Sally Ride & Geraldine Ferraro
1st female in space & 1st female vp candidate for a major political party respectively
Caesar Chavez
leading spokesperson for Mexican Amer. rights - led the United Farm Workers Organization Committee (UFWOC)