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Dorothea Dix
was a teacher up in till the 1830s and in 1835 went away to england to find a cure for my sickness and the rathborn family which was very involved in the insane aslyum reform. The government should be a part of social welfare. Came back to America to teach sunday school at east cambridge jail. Reformed the insane aslyums and Jails to be more humane in the treatment of their subjects.
Lucreita Mott
leader of the women's movement. Went to an antislavery convention in Europe and was ignored because she was a woman
Horace Mann
Father of Public Education Hated children and wanted to great schools to discipline young boys to become good republic citizens. Wanted Greater public education were everyone good go. He worked Normal Schools where he could develop teachers. He can became massachuests state board of education president. Leader of the common school movement.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
was an advocate for women's suffrage refused to say obey at her wedding and also spoke the "Declaration of Sentiments"
Joseph Smith
was the founder of the mormons or church of latter day saints. It believed in the temperance of alcohol and was an American made religion. Saying that angels gave him the tablets of the mormon bible.
Emma Willard
Is a believer in the greater education of girls. Founded a school called Middlebury seminary which was for women to get advanced education even though they were denied by colleges. The Troy Female Seminary which was one of the first institutions of high education for serious learning.
Louisa May Alcott
a transcendentalist poet she wrote Little Women
Charles Finney
is from connecticut. Used to be a very bad christian. He realized that Jesus Christ had died for his sins and that everyone should be grateful. In his church they treated women like equals and allowed them to mix in with men and be able to pray just as much. Along with him his congregational he thinks that slavery should be abolished. He was a leader of the Second Great Awakening. Presybeterian.
Margaret Fuller
Was a women involved in the Anti-Slavery movement. A transcendentalist journalist who wrote "The Dial"
Brigham Young
Considered the Moses of the Mormons. After Joseph Smith's death he lead the mormons to Utah were they would presently reside. He had them vote as a unit, drill milita, and practice polygamy.The relief society for women and the gospel studies and was a big proponent of polygamy. Rejected blacks as mormons
was a reformer group that believed in celibacy for life. This community originated in England but eventually became extinct
Maine Law
Neal S. Dow becomes the “Father of Prohibition”
sponsored Maine Law of 1851 which prohibited making and sale of liquor (followed by others). Supported the temperance movement
Hudson River Valley School
was a movement/school by Thomas Cole embracing the nature of the frontier of America and glorifying it. This new style was embracing the outdoors man of Americans instead of being embarrassed and inspired naturalism and romanticism.
Henry David Thoreau
Transcendentalist He condemned slavery and wrote Walden: Or life in the Woods
He also wrote On the Duty of Civil Disobedience, which was idealistic in thought, and a forerunner of Gandhi and then Martin Luther King Jr., saying it is not wrong to disobey a wrong law
The revival furthered fragmentation of religious faiths
New York, with its Puritans, preached “hellfire” and was known as the
Seneca Fall's Women's Rights Convention
(1843) held in NY, it was a major landmark in women’s rights and they came up with the Declaration of Sentiments which changed the Declaration of Independence to say men and women are created equally
Oneida Community
practiced free love, birth control, eugenic selection of parents to produce superior offspring; it survivedas a capitalistic venture, selling baskets and then cutlery. Founded by Noyes