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South Carolina Exposition
Pamphlet written secretly by Calhoun that called on the states to nullify the federal tariff.
Small, short lived third political party that originated a new method of nomoniating pres. canidates.
N.E. statesman who defended 'liberty and the Union, now and forever, one and inseperable.'
Sky high protectionist measure backed by NE and hated by the S.
Tariff of Abominations
The pop. idea that public offices should be handed out on the basis of political support rather than qualifications.
Spoils system
The 'moneyed' monster that Clay tried to preserve and Jackson tried to destroy.
US Bank
Jackson's treasury department decree that required all public lands to be bought with 'hard' money.
Specie Circuar
The sorrowful path along which thousands of southeastern Indians were removed to Oklahoma.
Trail of Tears
Legislation which authorized the President to use the army and navy to collect tariffs if necessary.
Force Bill
System of keeping gov't funds in separate vaults, est. by Van Buren's 'divorce bill' in 1840
Independent Treasury
Whitney's invention- enhanced cotton production and invigorated slavery
cotton gin
Americans who protested and sometimes rioted against immigrants
only major highway constructed by the fed. govt before the civil war
Cumberland Road
Fulton's invention that revolutionized river travel
'clinton's big ditch' that helped trans. and economy from NYC over great lakes to Chicago
Erie Canal
Belief that God ordained US to occupy NA
manifest destiny
final compromise line that settled oregon boundary dispute
49th parallel
river that Mexico claimed as Tex-Mex boundary, crossed by Taylor's troops in 1846
Nuecos (?)
treaty that ended Mex War
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Controversial amendment, passed in house 'stead of senate, saying that slavery should be forbidden in terrs acquired from Mex
Wilmot Provisio
'new democracy' caused by
increased stake in politics felt by ordinary cits
These factors caused J. Quincy Adams' presidency to be a political failure
anti-western land and Indian policies; stubborn and prickly personality; support for national roads, a national uni, astronomical observatory
The nullification crisis in SC ended when
henry Clay pushed through a compromise tariff that enabled SC to save face
In the aftermath of the successful Texas Revolution...
Texas petitioned to join the US but was refused admission.
as late as 1850, over 1/2 of pop was...
under age of 30
American painter and inventor of national park system
George Catlin
Influx of new immigrants=
Industrialization was late b/c
lack of labor, capital, and consumers
change in families in early 1800s was
decline in average number of children
1st major improvs in transportation system were
steamboats and highways