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New York Charity Organization
Josephine Lowell, sent visitors to tenements, moral deficiencies lay at root of poverty
Interstate Commerce Act
1887, created Interstate Commerce Commission, regulate interstate trade and railroad rates
Hepburn Act
1906, strengthened ICC by allowing it to set rates
Sherman AntiTrust Act
1890, outlawed trusts, prohibited all consolidates and contracts that restrained interstate trade, failed to define "trust" and "restraint of trade" clearly
Supreme Court vs EC Knight Company
1895, regarding sugar Knight company, defined manufacturing as a local concern (intrastate) while commerce was interstate.
National Labor Union
Founded by William Slyvis, lower 8-hour workday, end convict labor, restrict immigration, welcomed iron workers, ended when Slyvis died
Knights of Labor
Founded by Powderly, welcomed all wage earners, equal wages for women, idealistic, disapproved of strikes, lost power from Haymarket Riot and breaking off of craft unions into AFL
American Federation of Labor
Founded by Gompers, welcomed all skilled workers, more realistic, short-term goals of higher wages and lower work hours.
Railroad Strike
1877, caused by 1873 stock market crash, wage cuts led to strikes everywhere, Pinkerton agents sent in, yellow-dog contracts, US army came in
Haymarket Riot
1886, protest rally, bomb thrown, 4 demonstrators killed, animosity towards labor unions intensifies
Pullman Strike
1894, cut wages in Pullman community without lowering rent, strike led by Debs, injunctions passed by General Managers' Association, strike crushed
In re Debs case
1895 legalized use of injunctions against labor unions
Andrew Carnegie, William Sumner, Lester Ward, Henry George, Edward Bellamy
Carnegie & Sumner - Conservative Social Darwinists: survival of the fittest, natural laws

Ward, George, Bellamy - government regulation, tax reform, cooperative commonwealth
New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor
Robert Harley, home visitations, bad habits from parents
New York Children's Aid Society
Charles Brace, sweep children off the streets into farmhands