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Administrative review
one that does not have to comply with Standard 3; it is the user of the service
Competency provision
the provision of USPAP requiring the competency of the provider of a service under USPAP, including disclosure
Compliance review
one not under Standard 3; is also an administrative review
Desk review
a review without inspection
Due diligence
carefulness in making a decision, e.g. making a loan, buying
Field review
a review with inspection
Formal review
one to comply with Standard 3
Preliminary review
checking for completeness & compliance with required development & reporting, often with a checklist
the act or process of critically studying a report prepared by another
Review appraiser
one who critically looks at another appraiser's work to determine if conclusions are consistent with data
Self-contained appraisal report
one that complies with SR 2-2(a); the most descriptive
Technical review
one to comply with Standard 3