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The focus of Jeremiah and Nathaniel's friendship as three-year-olds is doing things together like riding their bikes and playing with their toys. True or false?
Sabrina and Mariah are preschoolers who are playing together at recess. They are most likely to be engaged in what kind of play?
Playing both hopscotch and dress up
Jarret, Miguel, and Maria are involved in a contest to see who can skip the most rungs on the monkey bars. They are displaying characteristics of __________ play
cooperative play
Sydney and Andrew are loving and emotionally supportive parents. They try and reason with their children and communicate the rationale they use for any punishment that they might impose. They display characteristics typical of what type of parenting?
Rory is a fifteen-year-old boy whose is showing signs of being emotionally detached and feeling unloved. As a psychologist, you conclude that he must have parents that use an uninvolved parenting style. True or False?
Margo is five-years-old and is playing kickball with some school-aged children. Some of the older children begin to become more lenient with the rules of the game as more and more children wish to join in the fun. Margo is upset because she knows that rules that are set cannot be changed. Her behavior is characteristic of the __________ type of morality.
Jackson just celebrated his first birthday and he and his mother are in a waiting room at the doctor's office waiting to be seen by the pediatrician. Although Jackson seems perfectly content, as soon as two infants next to him begin to cry, so does Jackson. His mother cannot understand it. The pediatrician comes out and informs Jackson's mother that he is just displaying the earliest signs of ___________.
Jeremiah and Josh are playing in the sandbox with dump trucks. Jeremiah grabs the one that Josh is playing with and Josh becomes very angry. He begins to yell at Jeremiah to "give it back" but when Jeremiah doesn't respond to his demands, he begins to shove and kick him. Josh is using emotional self-regulation to deal with his anger.
Susanna and Olivia are teenagers. Susanna is mad at Olivia for not inviting her to go out with a group of friends this weekend. As such, Susanna has been saying very mean and hurtful things to Olivia all week at school in front of this particular group of friends. This form of aggressive behavior is called __________ aggression
The average preschooler watches three hours of television a day. True or False?
__________ encompasses changes both in the understandings individuals have of themselves as members of society and their comprehension of others' behavior
Psychosocial development
Lasting from around age three until age six, __________ is the stage of development wherein preschoolers face conflicts between the desire to act independently and the guilt that follows from unintended consequences of their action.
initiative-versus-guilt stage
A child's set of beliefs about what they are like as individuals is called their __________.
__________ promote the notion of interdependence in which people in such cultures tend to regard themselves as parts of a larger social network.
Collectivist orientation
A __________ is a cognitive framework that organizes information relevant to gender.
gender schema
__________ is simple, repetitive activities in which three-year olds typically engage.
Functional play
__________ involves the manipulation of objects to produce or build something
Constructive play
Children playing with similar toys in a similar manner but do not interact with each other are involved in __________.
parallel play
In __________ two or more children interact with one another by sharing or borrowing toys.
associative play
Turn taking, game playing, and devising contests are all examples of __________.
cooperative play
Parents who are controlling, punitive, rigid, and cold display an __________ style of parenting
Parents that provide lax and inconsistent feedback display a __________ style of parenting.
__________ are firm and set clear and consistent limits for their children
Authoritative parents
Those parents that show virtually no interest in their children are said to be __________.
The change in people's sense of justice and of what is right and wrong refers to an individual's __________.
moral development
The earliest stage of moral development, according to Piaget, is called __________.
heteronomous morality
__________ refers to rules that are broken earn immediate punishment.
Immanent justice
Helping behavior that benefits others is called __________.
prosocial behavior
A process called __________ paves the way for the development of more general rules and principles.
abstract modeling
Infants do not display acts of __________, intentionally wishing to do harm or injury to another person
The capability to adjust emotions to a desired state and level of intensity is called __________.
emotional self-regulation
__________ is non-physical aggression that is intended to hurt another person's psychological well-being.
Relational aggression