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Write a word equation that could represent aerobic respiration and combustion?
fuel + oxygen ------> carbondioxide + water
name two forms in which energy can be realsed during the burning of coal?
1. heat
2. Light
name the molecule in which energy is realsed by respiration is stored so that it can be used for living cell?
name the chemical process that is common to both aerobic respiration and burning?
describe how the circulatory system is involved in the respuration process?
- blood is the transport medium, it carries glucose to a respiry cell.
- the heart pumps blood around the body.
- air breath into the lung contain oxygen.
-oxygen diffuses drom the alevoli into the blood.
-red blood cells carries oxygen to respiring cells.
what is the function of the right atrium?
- recieves blood
- pumps blood into the ventricle
Explain how the brain can cause a change in heart rate, and consequently blood pressure during exercise?
- cardiovascular centre involved
- accelerator centre involved
- more impulse
-along accelerator nerve
what is the normal value of the breathing rate for a 17 year old female?
15-18 breaths min-1
what is the normal value of the tidal volume for a 17 year old female?
0.4-0.5 dm3
what is the normal value of the vital capacity for a 17 year old female?
4.25 dm3
name a recreational drug?
name a performance- enhancing drug?
describe how blood sample could be used to detect the pressure of a drug in an athelete?
- divid in two-- keep one sample
- analyse or test one sample
how does a peak flow work?
- sit or stand in a comfortable, upright position.
- make sure the pointer is at zero.
- hold the peak flow meter level horizontally
- take a deep breath and close your lips firmly around the mouth piece.
- blow as hard as you can
- take the reading
reset the pointer to zero
- repeat to give three values recording the highest reading
expalin why it is important that the flow meter is held Horizontally?
to avoid gravity affecting reading
explain why it is advisable to take 3 readings?
- to ensure the highest reading
Name one equipment used to monitor blood pressure?
explain the basic prinicple of medical x-ray radiography?
- xray/ radition through to fil.
- radition produces an image on the film
- bone material absorb radition
- soft tissue abosorbd less
- different tissue absorb different amount of x-rays.
-Bones gives better resolution
discuss the benefits and ethical issur of x-ray to dignose a 90 year old?
- age and surival rate
- cost effectiveness
- availability of imaging equipment
-Need for pain mangement
- support without treatment
- would patient be able to cooperate during imaging.
Hazards, Risk and safety precautions of CAT scanners?

high levels of radition

DNA damage
Safety precaution:

Wear badge to register radiation
Hazards, Risk and safety precautions of MRI scan?


Safety precaution:

Ear plugs