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Trapezius Origin?
Occipital Protuberance
Trapezius Insertion?
Lateral Clavicle
Trapezius Action
Any movement or rotation of the head
Pectoralis Minor Origin?
3rd to 5th rib
Pect. Minor Insertion?
Coracoid Process
Pect. Minor Action?
Abduction, Downward rotation
Rhomboid Muscle Origin?
C7 and T1-T5
Rhomboid Insertion
Medial Border of the Scapula
Rhomboid Action?
Adduction and Downward rotation
Levator Scapula Orgin?
Cervical Vertebrae
Levator Scapula Insertion?
Medial Border of Scapula
Levator Scapula Action?
Elevates Scapula