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eso es
that's it
es verdad
is is true
it is so
no cabe duba
there is no room for doubt
claro que si
of course
estoy de acuerdo
I agree
En efecto
yes indeed
No hay mas remido
There is no soultion
Esta bien
It's all right
de ninguna manera
no way
claro que no
of course not
no estoy de acuerdo
i do no agree
que va!
no way
ni lo suenes
don't even think about it
no puede ser
it can't be done
it is impossible
parece mentira
it's hard to believe
Lo dudo
I doubt it
En serio
no me digas
you dont say
no me importa
it doesn't matter to me
me da lo mismo
me da igual
it makes no difference to me
Como quieras
whatever you say
lo siento
i'm sorry
que pena
what a pity
que lastima
what a pity
eso no vale
that is not fair
no puedo mas
i can't stand it anymore
me parece que
its seems to me that
que yo sepa
as far as i know
debe de ser
es probable que
it is probably
it is likey that