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body covering, garments made of clothing, leather etc
most universal func of apparel!

looking good, any alteration of body apperance

Dr. Zunin - 1st impression
clothing belongs to specific time period/history of dress
dress types
1. body modification
2. body enclosures
3. attachments to body or to body enclosures
dress types:body modification
1. body color - contacts, hair, skin, tatoo
2. body textures - surgery, shave/lotion
3. body shape - exercise, diet
dress types:body enclosures
covering of body, preshaped

ring, rainboots, wrap skirts, gloves
dress types:attachments to body or to body enclosures
1. insertion - earring, bobby pins

2. clips -- clip on earrings/ties

3. adherends - things glued on ex: nails, eyelashes

4. attached hand - purses, backpacks
patterns of dress
tailored garment - animal skins

draped garment - flat pieces, weight of fabric holds it down

composite type - combo ex kimono
elements of fashion
1. color
2. silhouette
3. texture - "hand" of garment, how feel?
4. details - everything except fabric
temporry ex; leggings
collective behavior, nothing new! go bk to past
classic fashion
little black dress, pearls
fashion process
continuued---introduced---used---tired of -> only inept/don't care wear it
fashion trend
new direction fashion taking
"premiere vision" in paris
haute couture
"high sewing", hand sewn, unique fabric

america -- no designers, only stylists

ex: ralph rucci
high fashion
designer branded

1 step below HC
mass fashion
ready to wear, Gap, limited, offshore
apparel industry structure:
1. fiber research
need registered name, "tencel" most recent
fiber, lasts longer, stronger version rayon
apparel industry structure:
2. color/fashion forecasting
most prestigeous color forecasting

looking at Vision report, pl, predominent color themes other countries
apparel industry structure:
3. fabric mills

apparel industry structure:
4. converters
factories do finishing part of fabric

1. "griege" - unfinished fabric
2. fabric finishes - wrinkles, shed H20
apparel industry structure:
5. designers/manufactures who actually sew it
apparel industry structure
1. fiber research
2. color/fashion forcasting
3. fabric mils
4. converters
5. designers/manufacs who will sew it
6. support services
7. representatives
8. consumer magazines
9. retailers
apparel industry structure:
6. support services
trade journals, magazines

trade assoations - silk, shoe, wool
apparel industry structure:
7. representatives
sell what ppl buy, understand product
visit conventions
apparel industry structure:
8. consumer magazines
consumer magazines
apparel industry structure:
9. retailers
fashion cycles of adoption
intro, acceptance, regression

fad, trend or fashion
look @ trend - general movement, longer than fad
general movement, longer than fad
national apparel brans
Revlon, Lee, well advertised buy anywhere
private apparel brands
sold only by one company
fashion leadership theories
1. collective selection
2. trickle down theory
3. trickle across theory
4. trickle up theory
5 psychological models
---shifting errogenous zones
6. economic models of fashion
---veblen effect
fashion leadership theory: collective selection
certain products chose over others

zeitgeist - spirit of the time
fashion leadership theory: trickle down theory
not as popular

oldeest, imitative,
fashion leadership theory: trickle across theory
"mass market theory"

tweak already there, copy mass fashion
fashion leadership theory: trickle up theorgy
certain groups: athletes, london
ex; jeans and coal miners
fashion leadership theory: psychological models
shifting errogenous zones - some parts body > interest diff parts word


attention goes to most sexually interesting parts

lotus foot
fashion leadership theory: economic models of fashion
veblen effect - we want things cannot have

rarity -> valuable

Martha and Birkin bag
consumers are actors on a marketplace stage
consumers are actors on a marketplace stage
we use our clothing for change
Dr. Damhorst - help ppl study clothing as objects
consumer behavior
a process

cultural: ice, cross legs, time, eye contact

study of processes involved when indivds use/dispose products, ideas to satisfy need/desires
role theory
consumer bheavior resmebles ations in a play, use products/clothes to act out

movies, magazines, consumer scientist
how do marketers know?
movies, mags, credit w/ what you bought, consumer scientist
consumer impact on marketing: relationship marketing
building bonds w/ consumers
---freq flier miles
using prods on reg basis
marketing impact on culture
rites of passage: holidays, weddings

pop culture
interdisciplinary influences on consumer behavior
will buy anytime, any location, prob: don't like it
what factors influence how much $ spend
psycholoyg, sociology, --> very complex!
meaning of consumption
i am these clothes
global consumers
how culture influences human behavior: understanding culture
if no understand culture -> no success

cultural universals
shared meaning of norms among groupo ppl

transmitted by example
consumer behavior of culture
culture=how we view products
placing emphasis on European (and, generally, Western) concerns, culture and values at the expense of those of other cultures
belief in the inherent superiority of one's own ethnic group or culture.
cultural categories
correspond to basic ways we characterize world

distincs b/t time, lesiure, work and gender
3 functional areas of culture
ecology- enviro ex: jap=no yard

social structure- political groups, nuclear fam: gender roles

ideology: world view, social justice ex genocide

set or moral principles in cultures
nonmaterial culture
another way to understand culture

how we behavir, interact

thought, feeling, beavhior shared by membs of a group

values, bheavior patterns, relig beliefs
material culture
another way to understand culture

handmade, clothing, tools, furniture, how ppl lived,

ideas/beliefs are imbedded in material things
why variability of how to understand functional areas of culture
power distance
variability of functional aspects of culture: power distance
personal space
intimidating or personal

power of touch
variability of functional aspects of culture: masculinity/femininity
variability of functional aspects of culture: individualism
welfare individ vs group
variability of functional aspects of culture: uncertainty/avoidance
how comfortable feel in sits, feel threatend?
collectivist cultures
ppl give up self for group
individualistic culture
more imp = personal goals
standards about whats good v bad

given choices job survey

we share values taught to us
rules dictate right v wrong

might not know cultural norms
cresive norms
only natives know culture
custom w/ a strong moral overtone

usually includes a taboo, mostly relating to reg of sexual activity


- connotation anywhere

incest, public nuditycu
handed down

slow to change

Christmas, Tgiving
golden arches

story w/ symbolic eles that expresses shared ideals of a culture
functions of a myth
1. sociological - maintaince social order by a social code
---queue lines

2. psychological - models personal conduct

3. metaphysical - explain origins of existence

4. - cosmological - emphasize all components of universe are pt of 1 picture
binary opposition
parts of myths

good v evil, nature v technology, characters

Eileen Fisher
won't put name on garment

trademark emblems - Polo, Lacoste, Swan
things do repeatedly

imp in life
ritual artifacts
items for ritual
--wedding: bouquet
white dress
grooming rituals
work/leisure wear
gift-giving rituals
other cultures
sacred consumption
objs have degree of respect, only use special occassions

ex familyl china @ dinner

church, home
transcends cultures

profane consumption
consumer objs and events are are oordinary, don't have 'specialness' of sacred consumption
domains of sacred consumption: people
people - set apart from masses, objs touched by sacred ppl
domains of sacred consumption: places
'set apart' by society, religious or mystical signif, some heritage

Statue of Liberty, Bethlehem, Theaters in Hollywood
society of friends

pacificists no draft


wroship group silence
> relig - clothing/jewel
social classses

1. yiden - no relig clothes < relig

2. balbebatish yiden
3. talmudei hachamin
4. sheine yiden
5. shtickel rebbes
6. rebbes - relig rabbis
anti baptitsts

simple clothes

stem of omish
no r/l shoes

no exist now b/c cellibate

aesthetic furniture

1st group commune

intense emotions= 'shakers'
any prot in Eng mad about Church org in Church of Eng

black clothing

seperate sect = Pilgrims
burn Am flag
creation of culture
what we see, hear, MTV

role of cooperation

no single person responsible for culture
cultural selection
we screen out what doesn't appeal to us
culture production process
set of indivds/orgs responsible for creating/marketing a cultural product

creative ppl/managerial ppl funnel into culture production

culture production funnels into communication where lots of ideas come out

communication funnels into cultural gatekeepers
---editor of WW

formal gatekeepers: casting directors, retail buyers, radi programmers

informal gatekeepers: friends, spouse, neighbors etc
high culture
arts and crafts

fashion and art
arts vs crafts
art - enjoyed for beauty

craft - pretty, serves a purpose
reality engineering
eles of pop culture are selected by markets and converted to vehicles for promotional strategies

fashion products in movies, TV and video games

product placement
Rogers model for innovation adoption
1. knowledge- new techn, Geek squad

2. persuasion - they want you to try it, bad/good opinion of it

3. decision - adopt or reject?

4. implementation - conform its successful, put product to use

5. confirmation
types of adaptors
innovators - not scared of risk

early adopters - social awareness
types of innovations
technological - functional change, HD TV

symbolic innovatoin - creates ne social meaning
ex the Fonz hair
behavioral demands of innovations
continous innovation - modifying existing product, ex computer

dynamically continous innovation - more prounounced change in existing product, changes every time you buy it ex:
cameras, auto foucus

discontinuous innovation - creatives major change in way we live, computers, travel: hand written ticket
takes longest time
prerequisites for successful adoptoin
1. combatability - easily goes w lifestyle not -> harder

2. trialability - time to try out

---perceived risks-----

3. complexity - simple, use immediately?

4. observability - know about it

5. relative advantage - gives >est adv over others
natural fibers
cotton, linen, hemp, jute, sisal, ramie,

proteins from animals: wool, silk, cashmere, mohair, camel's hair, asbestos

pro: most common, dyes well, strong, cheap, comfortable, no static

con: mildew, wrinkle, shrinks, burns quickly, absorbs stains
from plants
cellulosic, Irish best

bast fiber

towels - fine china

pro: no lint, wrinkled look, VERY strong, cool,

cons: mildew, sweat, creases, >er qual >er $, burns, shrink, ravles

pro: strong, absorb,

con: most $, poor elas
looks like straw, bast fiber, geotextile, roads foundation
bk carpets, straw
used to be women's sweaters
fibers: protein from animals
wool, silk, cashmere, camel's hair, mohair, asbestos
protein from animals

best Scotland

most common, crimping hair

pro: light, absorb, comfy, resilient, shaped, dyes, *reused*

con: weak wet, moths, dry clean only, odors, scratchy
protein from animals

silk worms
filmanets - goes on and on

*only natural filament fiber, continuous long strand

pro: strongest protein from animal fiber, resist wrinkles, absorb, resists mildew/soil, dye accepts

con: attracts silver fish, $, special care, water spot, yellow w/ age
specialty hair fibers
camel's hair
specialty hair fiber from proteins from animals

goat --> comb,

con: $, abraids
camel's hair
specialty hair fiber from proteins from animals

2 hump, after molt
specialty hair fiber from proteins from animals

goats, s. africa
specialty hair fiber from proteins from animals


most $! kill animal in peru
from mineral rocks
manufactured fibers
cellulosic: acetate, rayon, lyocell, triacetate

noncellulosic: acrylic, aramid, modacrylic, olefin, PBI, polyester, nylon, spandex
manufactured fibers: cellulosic
wood chips, -> spineret




manufactured fibers: cellulosic

pro:looks like silk, wool jacket lining, glamorous

con: weak, heat, no abrasion
manufactured fibers: cellulosic

pro: drapes well, comf, cheap, no static, no piling, color fast,

con: wrinkles, heat sen, mildew, weak wet
manufactured fibers: cellulosic

newest, soft, durable, resilient

manufactured fibers: cellulosic

not made in US
noncellulosic manufactured fibers
petroleum based, lots, blends w/ natural fibers

manufactured fibers: noncellulosic

wool sub

pro: lightweight, resilient

con: pills, low absorb, static
manufactured fibers: noncellulosic

pro: strong, military/NASA, no m.p., bulletproof vest, "kevlar"

con: hard to dye, no stretch, uncomf
manufactured fibers: noncellulosic

resembles animal fur

pro: warm, resil, easy dye,

con: weak, static
manufactured fibers: noncellulosic

insulated undies

pro: no abrasion, chems, pills, mildew, aging, sweat

wicks sweat - nonabsorb

con: hard dye
manufactured fibers: noncellulosic

firefighters, astronauts, protective clothing

flame resist

con: $$
manufactured fibers: noncellulosic

most pop

pro: resil, color fast, strong, easy care, resists moths mildew, no stretch/shrink

con: pills if spun,
manufactured fibers: noncellulosic

silk sub

pro: strong, lightweight, quick dry, resilient, no mildew moths, luster, color fast, elastic

con: static, heat sens, low absorb, pill, sun damage, absorb oil
manufactured fibers: noncellulosic

underwear, dancewear, tights

con: heat sens, no comf