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What is the appalchian concept of health
Ability to be self-sufficient for you and family; prevention is secondary and not a concern
What is the cultural machismo attiude with the appllachina concept of health?
it dominates: strong Mt men are not weak and don't need hlep from anyone (dont seek med attention)
What ares ome health disparties in WV?
d/t pop shift in industry-doctors couldn't economically survive so joined larger health care systems
What are some 2 barriers to seeking healthcare in WV?
stringent belief values like:
1. abensce of illness=health
2. immediate gratification-view of health care/
what are 5 more barriers to seeking healtchare in WV?
internal control
2. powerful other's -health care providers and others influence health along
3. fatalistic mentality-que sera, is effect of chance/fate
4. financial conerns
5. uninfomred-as to how to access govenment assistnace(medicaid/care)
What are three cultural sensitive strategies to care for applalchian ppl?
1. empowerment pts
2. partnerships
3. networks of rural educators: RHEP
What does empowerment pts mean?
reduces risk factors, creates sense of community, increases participation in decision making and community actions,
Empowerment leads to increased:
1. psyhcoogical movtivation to act, increased trust in hothers,
2. community empowerment**-increased policies, netwrok, commm compliance
Name 4 things involved in partnership strategy:
1. chip workers americore, schools& universities, MDTV
What is involved in the network or rural educators: or RHEP strategy
when com + university unite to gorw own health care proviers, rurual health incurriculum, rotation in rurual areas
in 2000, 90% of americans were Caucasion, but what are the numbers n 2010 and 2050?
71% and 52.8% respectively
class/type of people unfied by community of interests, habits, or inherited phsyical traits
unifying beliefs of any group of people of similar relgious values, attitues, ritual practices, family structure, languarge, or mode of social organtation
cultural groups sense of ID w/ groups common soical and cult. heritage. --ex common geo orgiin, lang, relgious and cult ties, shared trads, let, music, food
disorder in which there is a change in the body's strucutre or fxn invovling one or more of the body's organs
Define illness
subjective distress felt by pt and those close to him rather than the actual state of health
Among minorities, what are the primary healthcare barriers:
1. primary: financial barrier, lack of insurance, underinsured,
Secondary barriers for minorities:
2. secondary-difficutly accessing care d/t transportation issues, scheduling conflicts, day care
What is the tertiary barrier for minorities
3. tertiary barrier-cultural/lnaguare barrier to prevent/limint access to services
christian scientology
believe in power of prayer to health-anti meds
Homosexual/bisexual population
subject to prejudice-fear of disclosure, partner may be excluded from care, higher % HIV pos among men--no insurance??
Orthodox jews
won't touch oppsoite sex at all, and dietary restrictions (muslims, hindus, and buddists as well)
What are 4 of the 8 general guidelines for culturally competent care?
1. know your community (stats)
2. know your staff(they're familiar w/community)
3. don't assume values
4. as q's to vestigate what their values on health and illness are
What are the 5-8 general guides for culturally competent care?
5. know pop and health risks assoc. w/race, culture and demo
6. ask pts about themselves
7. ask pt about their illness and what they believe teh causative factor
8. design and use health questiontnaries that incorporate cultural information gathering
What are the three of the six reasons for cultural competence in your practice?
1. illness varies by culture
2. diverse belief relating to health and wellness
3. cult influences behavior toward you
What are the other three of the six reasons for cultural competence in your practice?
4. indiv.pref affects both trad and non-trad approaches to health
5. pts must overcome personal experinces of biases in healthcare
6. health care providers from dif backgrounds are underrepresented
How does culture define health?
It determines how the pt interprets, explains to and responds, when they seek
What is health and illness to the culture??
health for the culture is an absence of illness, freedom from evil, day, while illness is night, hot/cold