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bonny barbara allen
anONymous = bONny
sir thomas wyatt
they flee from me
tt = ee
sonnets 73, 116, 130
shakespeare does sonnets.
john donne
the flea,
a valediction: forbidding mourning
john = apt had fleas
donne = dawn = morning = mourning
robert herrick
to the virgins, to make much of time
robert jacks = virgin.. atleast, with a woman (her)
john milton
when i consider how my light is spent
mil = million = light years
anne bradstreet
the author to her book
nn/ee = oo in book
edward taylor
edward = uncle eddy = lots of wives
jonathan swift
a description of a city shower
swift = fast = quick shower
alexander pope
[from] an essay on criticism
alex = critical of herself
thomas gray
elegy written in a country courtyard
gray country day
william blake
the chimney sweeper,
the little black boy,
a poison tree,
the tyger
ll = ee (sweeper)
ll = tt (little)
blake burlage = tall and thin (like a tree)
blake lumpkin = fast (like a tiger)
robert burns
a red, red rose
red roses burn.
william wordsworth
i wandered lonely as a cloud
william malendoski = wanders lonely in japan while watching the clouds
percy bysshe shelley
hell = oz
elizabeth barrett browning
sonnets from the portuguese (43)
portuguese people = brownish colour
edgar allan poe
the raven
walt whitman
out of the cradle endlessly rocking
walt = walt howell = rocked in his cradle with his sister charlotte
emily dickenson
untitled (because i could not stop for death),
untitled (the soul selects her own society)
william butler yeats
leda and the swan,
the second coming,
richard cory
w in william & at in yeats = wat = water = swan
second = second name = history teacher
y in yeats = y in cory
paul laurence dunbar
we wear the mask
paul = fake
william carlos williams
the red wheelbarrow
william (carlos) williams = double name = double r in wheelbarrow
t. s. eliot
the love song of j. alfred prufrock
t.s. = j.
e. e. cummings
nobody loses all the time
cum = exits body = lost
langston hughes
dream boogie,
theme for english b
langston = black man = boogies
b in black man = b in english b
robert hayden
those winter sundays
den = family room = where fireplace is = what the poem is about
dylan thomas
do not go gentle into that good night
dylan = baby = gentle
gwendolyn brooks
the mother,
we real cool
gwendolyn = unfortunate name = being a mother
brooke stacy = really cool in elementary school
sylvia plath
sylvia is a really crappy name and she hates her dad for naming her that