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Experimental variable:
-An aspect of an experiment which changes during the course of the experiment.
Control (of an experiment):
-The variable or part of the experiment to which all others can be compared.
Blind studies:
-experiments in which the participants do not know whether or not they are a part of the control group.
Double-blind studies:
-experiments in which neither the participants nor the people analyzing the results know who is in the control group.
When is an experimental variable
good and when should it be reduced or eliminated?
An experimental variable is good
when you are using it to learn something from the experiment. An experimental variable should be reduced or eliminated when it effects the results of the experiment but you do not learn anything from it.
Why can a carefully placed needle float on water, even though the needle is more dense than water?
Surface tension.
What does soap do to the surface of water?
Soap reduces the surface tension of water.