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Exocrine glands
Glands that secrete substances outward through a duct
Endocrine glands
Ductless glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream
Merocrine glands
Exocrine glands that secrete without losing cellular material
Apocrine glands
Exocrine glands that have cytoplasm in their secretions
Holocrine glands
Exocrine glands whose secretions are made up of disintegrated cells
Extracellular matrix
The chemical substances located between connective tissue cells
Spindle-shaped cells that form connective tissue proper
Mature cartilage cells
Stromal cells
Cells that provide structure or support for parenchymal cells
Paremchymal cells
Cells that provide the actual function of the tissue
Labile cells
Cells that undergo mitosis regularly and quickly
Stable cells
Cells that do not regularly undergo mitosis but are able to if the need arises
Permanent cells
Cells that cannot undergo mitosis