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Abnormal demand
An unanticipated customer order
Actual demand
Customer orders. Nets against or “consumes” the forecast.
Items that have been assigned to specific orders, but not released
Continuous process of measuring the company’s products and services
Mass Customization
High volume product with large variety, so the customer may select their own.
Master Planning of Resources ( MPR)
A grouping of business processes: demand management, S&OP, and master scheduling
Product group/family
Basic planning element for sales and operations planning.
Product Hierarchy
Structured relationship between product groups to individual product items.
Product Mix
The details of individual products, customer orders, and pieces of equipment
Production rate
Unit of measure express in units, cases, or periods of time.
Production schedule
A plan that authorizes the factory to MFG a certain quantity of a specific part.
Repetitive manufacturing
The same production process used to make discrete products or families of products
Manufacturing environment
The framework where manufacturing strategy is developed and implemented
Process manufacturing
Production that adds value by mixing, separating or forming. Batch or continuous mode