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What is the Candidacy for Aphasic Perseveration Tx?
Moderately persevered auditory comprehension
-Good memory skills
-Some confrontation naming abi
What is perseveration?
"Inappropriate continuation or recurrence of an earlier response after the task requirement has changed." (p. 201)
-One of the most common bx disorders associated with aphasia
What are the 4 steps for Aphasia Perseveration Tx?
1. Present the BDAE confrontation naming test from the 2nd edition
2. Tally the percent of perseveration (p. 204)
3. Develop a hierarchy from easiest to most difficult semantic categories from the BDAE (ex in class: are they stuck on verbs more? Colors more? Nouns more?)
4. Furthermore, analyze each item by assigning a value (p. 207)
What are some general strategies for Tx for Aphasia Perseveration?
-Explain and alert to perseveration (if they think they're gonna perseverate, they point to a card with "HELP" written on it)
-Establish new sets
-Bring perseveration to level of awareness
-Monitor pace (5 second interval)
What are some general cuing strategies for tx for aphasia perseveration?
-Time interval
-Gestural Cue
-Descriptive sentence
-Sentence completion
-Graphic cue
-Phonemic cue
-Oral reading
-Unison speech or singing