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the rights of people to be treated without unreasonable or unconstitutional differences
civil rights
classifications of people on the basis of their race or ethnicity
suspect classifications
a Supreme Court test to see if a law denies equal protection because it does not serve a compelling state interest and is not narrowly tailored to achieve that goal
strict scrutiny
the doctrine established in Plessy vs. Ferguson that African Americans could constitutionally be kept in separate but equal facilities
separate-but-equal doctrine
racial segregation that is required by law
de jure segregation
racial segregation that occurs in schools, not as a result of the law, but as a result of patterns of residential settlement
de facto segregation
opposing a law one considers unjust by peacefully disobeying it and accepting the resultant punishment
civil disobedience
state power to effect laws promoting health, safety, and morals
police powers
programs designed to increase minority participation in some institution by taking positive steps to appoint more minority-group members
affirmative action
making certain that people achieve the same result
equality of result
using race or sex to give preferential treatment to some people
reverse discrimination
giving people an equal chance to suceed
equality of opportunity
What was the rationale for banning segregated schools?
Separate by equal created a detrimental effect upon colored children, otherwise inferiority.