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Define Ethics.
The dicipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation
A set of morla principles or values.
The set of principles of conduct governing an individual or group.
Define Moral
Of or relating to priciples of right and wrong behavior.
Conforming to a standard.
Define Professionalism
Profess meantthe act of professing - the declare or admit openly.
To claim skill or learning in
"engaged in one of the learned or skilled professions"
Characteristics of Professionalism
Service to others.
Assessment of client needs.
Theoretical body of knowledge obtained through extended preservice education.
Standards for enrty, practice, and ethical standards.
Professional association to maintain standards.
Continuing education and life long learning.
What are the advantages of Professionalism?
Public or Client better served.
Quality of peace officers is improved.
Ethical conduct.
More effective problem solving.
Stronger community support and respect.
Stronger role in the criminal justice system.
More effective innovations.
Financial rewards.
What are the disadvantages of Professionalism>
Cost of training and development.
Higher salaries and remuneration for job occupant.
Limits entry into the work force from poor because of limited opportunity for edu. attainment.
APD Badge
In regards to the Texas State Seal - A seal is a symbol of _________.?
The seal authenticates your position as a peace officer and the authority with which you are entrusted to enforce laws.
APD Badge
The Oak branch in the sael represents ________?
APD Badge
The olive branch in the seal represents_______?
Why is there so much public and private concern on our values or lack there of?
Many of our institutions and, indeed, the American way of life are attacked for placing value on the wrong things.
Why have values changed?
Every aspect of human behavior is influenced by personal values, but values are not easily defined or achieved.
What are the characteristics and elements which intensify pressure and stress observed within the police subculture?
Police-public role expectations.
Political and legal demands.
Individual agency policies and regulations.
Constant threat of danger.
Personal moral attidudes of individual officers.