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principle- papers should include enough detail and specific information to faciltate the replication of research
principls- papers should not include biased, insensitive, or inappropriate language
Writing using an outline
benefit- helps you to organize your ideas and develop a cherent, logical paper
Re-reading paper
benefit- helps you to identify problems (froem grammatcial and spelling problems to problems with the organization or presentation of ideas).
Getting feedback
benefit- others can help you to improve you paper becasue others can provide critical feedback
involves presenting someone else's words as your own
avoiding plagiarism
use quotes whenever you draw words or a phrase directly from someone else's work. Alternatively, paraphrase and use your own descriptions and interpretations
passive voice
The children were shown pictures of faces by Dr. Albertson
active voice
Dr. Albertson showed pictures of faces to the children. - the active voice is preferred because it is more clear and direct.
We compared children who are rejected by their peers with normal children.
-the use of the term "normal" derogates rejected children and results in a negative label.
begin of a new page
abstract, introduction, and references
tables and figures
are found at the end of the paper
for example
that is
1) Title page
Do Couples 1

Running Head: Couples Who Gi

Do Couples Who Give

Rose N. Garden
Lilac University
2) Abstract
is a brif summary of the resarch report and typically runs 100 to 120 words. To introduce the article
begins on a new page presents the pececific problem under study, describes the research strategy, and presents the predicted out comes of the research. why doing the study
proviedes the reader with detailed information about how your study was conducted. Participants, design and materials, and procedure
strightforward description of your analyses.
talks about the implications of the results. summarizing the original purpose , state whether the results were consistent
7) References
new page complete citations for all sources used in paper
rarely used, sample of a questionnaire or survey instrument, a cmoplex mathematical proof
9) Author Note
begins whi a paragraph that gives the department affiliations of the authors. background of the study, acknowledgments, correpondence,
10) Footnotes
not in the body of the text, all on one page and the end of the paper, aviod them
own page, end of paper, enough space for it. title, difine areas in it. NO page number
12)Figure Captions
own page, no page number
increase comprehension fo the results, graphical disply of data.