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Renal corpuscle
Mechanisms:GHP working across capilary endothelium (visceral)lamina densa fitration slits
PCT Functions and mechanism for secretion?
Function:Secretion of H ions, ammonium ions, creatinine, drugs and toxins
Mechanisms:Countertransport w/ Na+
PCT Functions and mechanism for active reabsorption?
Carrier mediated transport including facilitated transport of glucose amino acids;; Cotransport of glucose, ions and countertransport w/ secretion of H+
PCT Functions and mechanism for passive reabsorption?
Diffusion or osmosis of urea, cl or lipid soluble material
Loop of Henle functions and mechanisms of reabsorption?
Ascending:Active transport via Na-K/@cl-transporter
Descending:osmosis of water
DCT Functions and mechansisms of reabsorption?
Cotransport: of Na & Cl
Countertransport: of Na w K regulated by aldosterone
Carrieer mediated transport stim by PTH and Calcitiol
Osmosis: of water ADH regulated
DCT Functions and mechansisms of secretion?
Countertransport: of H or ammonium w/ Na
Carrieer mediated transoprt: of creatinine drugs and toxins
Collecting system functions and mechanisms of reabsorption?
Countertransport of Na w/ K or H regulated by aldosterone
Water osmosis ADH regulated
Urea and bicarbonate diffusion
Collecting system functions and mechanisms of secretion?
Carrier mediated transpor of K and H ions
Peritubular capillaries
VAsa recta
redistribution of water and solutes reabsorbed in cortex or medulla, osmosis or diffusion