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Kidney: prominent medial indentation, is the point of entry for the renal artery & renal nerves and
Kidney: the point of exit for the renal vein and the ureter
The ___ ___ ___ covers the outer surface of the kidney and lines the renal sinus.
fibrous renal capsule
an internal cavity within the kidney
the renal sinus
Renal blood vessels and the ureter draining the kidney pass through the hilus and branch within the ___ ___.
renal sinus
The superficial portion of the kidney, in contact with the renal capsule
The renal cortex
The ____ is reddish brown and granular
Consists of 6 to 18 distinct conical or triangular structures called renal pyramids.
The renal medulla
distinct conical or triangular structures within the kidneys are called __ ___.
renal pyramids
Ducts within each renal papilla discharge urine into a cup-shaped drain called a ___ ___.
minor calyx
Four or five minor ____ merge to form a major calyx
two or three major calyces combine to form the ___ ____
renal pelvis
a large, funnel-shaped chamber
renal pelvis
Renal arteries in order
1.Renal art. 2.Segmental art.
3.Interlobar art. 4.Arcuate art. 5.Interlobular art.
6.Afferent arterioles
Artereries within the Nepron
8.Efferent arteriole
9.Peritubular Capillaries to Venules
Renal venules follow similar opposing pattern ending with ___ ___.
renal veins
The nephron begins at the ___ ___.
Renal Corpuscle
A spherical structure consisting of Bowman's capsule
Renal Corpuscle
A cup-shaped chamber approximately in diameter
Bowman's capsule
A spherical structure containing a cup-shaped chamber and a capillary network.
Bowman's capsule.
Blood arrives at the renal corpuscle by way of an ____ arteriole
The afferent arteriole delivers blood to the ___, which consists of about 50 intertwining capillaries
The glomerulus projects into the ___ ___ much as the heart projects into the pericardial cavity.
Bowman's capsule
The ___ ___ is composed of
Bowman’s capsule and the glomerulus
renal corpuscle
The renal tubule has two convoluted (coiled or twisted) segments
separated by a simple U-shaped tube
1. The proximal convoluted tubule (PCT)
2. The distal convoluted tubule (DCT)
a simple U-shaped tube separating the PCT from the DCT
The loop of Henle