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coracoid process of scapula

medial surface of shaft of humerus

flexes and adducts 4arm
lat. epicondyle of hum. and ridge of ulna

lat. surface of prox. 1/3 of radius

supinates 4arm and hand
pronator teres
med. epicondyle of hum coronoid process of ulna

midlateral surface of radius

pronates forearm
flexor carpi radialis
medial epicondyle of humerus

2nd and 3rd metarcapals

flexes and abducts wrist
flexor carpi ulnaris
med. epi. of humerus, upper pos. border of ulna

pisiform, hamate and 5th metacarpal

flexes and adducts wrist
extensor carpi radialis longus
lat. epicon.of hum.

2nd metacarpal

extends and abducts wrist
extensor carpi ulnaris
lat. epicon of hum. pos. border of ulna

5th metacarpal

extends and adducts wrist
flexor digitorum profundus
ant. med. surface of body of ulna

bases of distal phalanges

flexes distal phalanges of each finger
flexor digitorum superficialis
med. epi. of hum. coronoid process of ulna oblique line of radius

middle phalanges

flexes middle phalanges of each finger
extensor digitorum
lat. epicon. of hum.

2-5 phalanges

extends phalanges
quadratus lumborum
iliac crest and lumbar vertebrae

rib 12, upper 4 lumbar vert.

flexes trunk laterally, fixes rib
iliocostalis lumborum
iliac crest

lower 6 ribs

extends lumber region of ver. col.
vert. col
iliocostalis thoracis
lower 6 ribs

upper 6 ribs

maintains erect position of spine
iliocostalis cervicis
1st 6 ribs

trans. processes of C 4-6

extends cervical region of ver. col.
longissimus thoracis
trans. process of lumbar vertebrae

trans processes of all thor. and upper lumber vert. 9th and 19th ribs

extends thoracic region of vert. col.
longissimus cervicis
trans processes of t4 & t5

trans. processes of c 2-6

extends cervical region of ver. col
spinalis thoracis
spinous processes of upper lum and lower thor. vert.

spinous processes of upper thoracic vertebrae

extends vert. col