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Vertebral anatomy
Body, neural or vertebral arch, laminae, pedicles,
Vertebral foramen, spinous process, transverse process, inferior and superior articular process, intervertebral foramen
Spina bifida
Vertebral laminae fail to fuse; neural arch is incomplete; meninges and spinal cord bulged out; congenital or genetic; surgically fixed
Cervical spine (breakfast at 7 am)
C-1 to C-7; small vertebral body; transverse foramen; split bifid spinous process; large vertebral canal or foramen
Atlantoaxial joint
Transverse ligament of C-1 joins dense of C-2; C-1 or atlas; has no body; make you say “yes”; C-2 or Axial; has dense or “tooth”; makes you say “no”
Thoracic vertebrae (lunch at 12 noon)
T-1 to T-12 has transverse process that articulates with 12 pairs of ribs; has smaller vertebral foramen than cervical
Lumbar vertebrae (dinner at 5 pm)
L-1 to L-5; massive body to hold wt; spinal cord ends at L-2 or L-3; smaller vertebral foramen than thoracic
Sacral veretbra (1 bone)
Formed by fusion of 5 sacral vertebrae at age 21; 4 transverse foramen; CSF and meninges in the sacral canal; articulates to hip bone to attach lower appendicular to the axial skeleton
Coccyx (1 bone)
Formed by fusion of 3-5 bones; called “tail bone”; part of pelvis; may break during labor
Thoracic skeleton (25 bones)
1 sternum; 12 pairs of ribs; costal cartilage made of hyaline; thoracic vertebrae to hold ribs posteriorly
24 ribs (12 pairs)
Ribs #1 to 7 are vertebrosternal or true ribs; ribs #8 to 10 are vertebrochondral or false ribs; ribs #11 to 12 are vertebral or floating ribs