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Bone Matrix
Collagen fibers (⅓ of matrix) and ground substance (⅔ of matrix)
Ground substance in matrix
Hydroxyapatite or calcium salts (Ca phosphate, carbonate, sulfate, etc)
Spongy bone
Trabeculae, primitive bone, loosely held, weigh less, found in bones not heavily stressed
Open network of struts and plates of matrix that form the spongy bone
Compact bone
Haversian system or osteon, haversian or central canal, lamellae, lacunae, canaliculi, Volkmann/perforating canal
Haversian system or osteon
Where osteocytes are arranged in concentric circles around the central canal
Haversian or central canal
Contains blood vessels that carry blood to and from the osteon
Lamallae (thin plate)
Layers of matrix
Canaliculi (canal-iculi)
Narrow passageway or cytoplasmic extensions of osteocyte penetrating lamellae and connecting lacunae from one another
Separates osteocyte from bone matrix, 1 lacunae holds only 1 osteocyte
Volkmann or perforating canal
Extends roughly perpendicular to the surface, supplies blood to osteons deeper in the bone and tissues in marrow cavity
Epiphyseal plate
Epiphyseal cartilage found in the metaphysis between epiphysis and diaphysis
4 zones of the Epiphyseal plate
Resting, Proliferation (dividing cells), Hypertrophy (enlarged cartilage), Calcification (formation of bone)
2 classifications of Ossification or bone formation
Intramembranous Ossification (mesenchyme to bone) and endochondral (cartilage to bone)
Ossification centers
Primary is found in center of diaphysis and Secondary is found in center of epiphysis