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Aroostook War
Webster Asuburton treaty
Aroostock war- Fighting over who controlls lumber
Lord asuburton in GB negotatied w/ Webester and agreed to give britian Qubec and expanded us's border w/ canda
Guadalupe Hidalgo
Wilmot Proviso
-Gave us all of the mexican territory from Texas to ca, for 15 mil
-stated that slavery shouldnt exsist in new territiores, never passed.
Walker Tarrif
Orgeon Fever
-Walker sec. of treasury. Tarrif lower, encouraged movement for free trade. Tarrif for revenue only.
-Push to populate orgeon
Southern tip of mexico
Gold rush
Free Soil party
-1849(san fran 49ers) boosts ca's population so it is ready for statehood
-Free soil, Free men, Free labor and free speech
Comp of 1850
2nd era of good feelings
- clay callhoun and webster. ca becomes a free state. South gets- fugitive slave act and slaves can be brought to dc. North gets- Ca as a free state and pop soviernty.
-Phillmore become preisedent, whig party collapses.
Clayton Bulwar treaty
Ostend Manifesto
-1850 Us and GB agree to build a canal
-Stated that the Us would offer 120 mil to spain for cuba and Spains ownership of cuba contuined to endanger us. Us would be justifiyed to take the island
Gadsend Purchase
Kansas-Nebraska Act
- Gadsend purchased land from mexico for 10 mil. Gave south the controol of the railroad.
-repealed the mo. comp. North gets the railroad and one free state. South-Gets a slave state and pop soveingty
Lecompton Constution
Bleeding Sumner
-Anyone who comes w/ slaves before the state is ratified can keep slaves no matter what.(doesnt work)
-congress 1856. Sumner insults south, brooks beats him w/ cane
Dread Scott
Harpers ferry
-Slave.. based on 5th amendment, comp of 1850, ka-nebraska, mo.comp are all uncontutional
-John Brown and 20 men go to free slaves. Buchanan sends army, brown hung
Panic of 1857
Freeport doctrine-1858
-Starts w/ gandsend purchase due to land sepeculation.
- douglas debates that pop. sovienghty can still exsist regardless of dread scott
Confederate states of america
South Carolina
North Carolina
Crittenden Amendments
Fort Sumter
-proposed to ban slavery above the 36, 30 line and that all exsitsing slavery would be protected, lincoln said no.
-Fort off the coast of Sc, Davis hopes to starve them out. Lincoln sends supplies, Davis sees this as an act of war
Northern Generals and thier battles
McClellan- Bullrun-loses,7days battle-retreats, fired by linclon
Pope takes his place-2nd battle of bullrun-loses, lincoln puts McClellan back incharge.
Wins-antietam, but gets fired again
replaced by Burnside, Fredericksburg-loses and quits
Hooker- Chanclersville-loses, fired
Meade-Gettysburg-wins, fired b/c he didnt follow lee
Grant-wins vicksburg, Sherman takes his place in the Mississippi
Emancipation Proclaimation
Gettysburg Adress
-Lincoln frees all the slaves in rebelling states, does this after the norths first victory-Antietum
-lincoln made a month after gettysburg
Total War-6 steps
1. free slaves
2.Go after the mind of confederacy
3.Blockade(no foreign trade)
4.Controll Miss river
5. Controll railroad
6.Heart of south (SC)
lincoln unconstutional...
1. sets up blockade
2.sends trops to south
3.Makes West Va
4.Frees slaves
5.Supends Habeascoprus(which states that a person must be tried and know the reason they are being charged)
6.Supends freedom of the press
7.supeverised elections
8.Marshal law-sends troops to Maryland
Appomattox Courthouse
-1865, lee formally surrenerder, ended the war
Lincoln assassination
-1865, Booth shot lincoln in the head
Southern Generals
Stonewall Jackson
Longstreet (replaces Jackson when he is killed)