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the supporters of independence
loyalists and opponents of the revolution
20% or so of all whites actively opposed the rebellion or reluctantly supported it- believed that separation was illegal and was unnecessary to preserve colonists' constitutional rights; more tories in the north, especially New York and New Jersey
Canadian position in American Revolution
remained royal to British crown, fearing that the Protestant Anglo-AMericans would be far less tolerant of their catholocism.
Lord Dunmore's Proclamation
he declares that any slave that joins british case will be freed after the war (he is the virginia gov.)
Native Americans attitudes
they like the british too because the colonists posed expansion threats- iroquois were very prominent with colonists
Advantages/problems with british
britain had more people and best navy - also got overseas mercenaries to fight for them. however, had trouble getting supplies in- overextended, such a long way to deliver food for british troops in america
Advantages/problems with Americans
20% of the population was openly pro-british; second our army did not have training; guerilla warfare would not work and would not attract French help
European style of battle
the continental army would have to fight in european fashion, relying on mass formations of troops instead of just their little guerilla warfare techniques
Georgey Wash
he is still the main man in charge and everything rests on his shoulders
British move from boston to NY 1776
British evacuated Boston and in order to conquer New England, used New York as a base; washington's troops get annhilated- washington avoids even more damage by tiptoeing across a river and away from capture
Victories at Trenton and Princeton
Washington takes offensive and kills or captures one third of british opponents in new jersey. - boosted morale
Loyalists in decline or exile
the americans drove thousands of nj loyalists into new york, where they joined the royal army- nj militia found the tories and jailed them until they swore allegiance to the Continental Congress.
Marquis de Lafayette
young French aristocrat joins Washington's staff and waited for proof that America was ready for bigtime battle
Battle of Saratoga 1777
Needing a victory in order to garner French support, the Americans beat the british. General howe and the british tried to multitask and attack Albany while staying in Philly, leaving few backup. problem= overextending british troops... General Burgoyne gets straneded in west ny and general Gates of the continental army gathered a force and attacked Burgoyne
Franklin and the French
French, already impressed by ben franlin, now joined the Americans and the Spanish did too- helped overextend the british and prevented british from expansion
French Alliance
so clutch they were awesome
General Howe adn the Occupation of Philly
Howe and Washington met in Philly in 1777 and Howe drove Continental Congress out
Valley Forge (1777-78)
the continental survivors from the devastating loss in philly marched to valley forge- they had no rations and it was cold
Friedrick von Steuben
while resting in valley forge, this german soldier comes in and becomes a drill seargent- turns american army into fighting force
Battle of Monmouth
General Clinton and the British meet up with the new and improved Continental Army and have mad battle; continental army improves a lot and British flee in teh night- ended British north occupation
Warfare in the West
these frontier campaigns established mississippi river as westernmost point; cherokees are fighting with the Carolinas; Kentucky fought udner George Clark and established control of the Ohio River Valley
Joseph Brant
Brant, a pro british iroquois, devastated the new york and penn frontiers- then the iroquois get all their shit burned and they flee to canada and die of starvation.
Shift in focus to the south
if british could secure south, they could more easily shuffle forces betweent eh west indies and the mainland; it also looked like easy target; british take savanah, then charleston
Clinton takes over south; hands reigns over to Cornwallis; revenge comes into play, south rises up and violent war; slaves are involved fighting against americans
Cornwallis goes to Yorkstown, Virginia to set up base instead of New York, and then gets taken out by G Dub and his boys.
Treaty of Paris
britain recognizes american independence and evacuates
equality- same clothes- the war accelerated the erosion of class differences by forcing gentry officers to respect ordinary men serving as privates- DOI says all men created equal; natural aristocracy, virtue and sacrifice made worth and those who demonstrated fitness for sevice by personal accomplishments had best value, or just straight up born into wealth like th
African Americans`
most of em served, nothing happenned; quakers freed some slaves, then north abolishes it by 1804; antislavery movement reflects enlightenment's emphasis on gradual change- most of them had trouble finding jobs even after beign released, had to be self educationd
Benjamin Baneker
sself made black guy- publishes a series of almanacs
Phyllis Wheatley
self made black woman, gains her freedom and is a writer
blacks get involved with church and create African Methodist Episcopal CHurch- inner strength cohesion- most states granted important civil rights to free blacks after rev, like voting no curfews and good court treatment- rev beagan process by which slavery could be extinguished
White women
gained no political rights but played bigger role in society
Judith Sargent Murray
wrote that geners had equal intellectual ability - mass poet
Republican motherhood
emphasized importance of education women in teh values of liberty and independence.
Impact of rev on native americans
no change
Impact of rev on class structure
rev neither erased nor challenged social distrinctions- slavery gone in north adn respect; gender equality?
Forming a new Government
bicameral legislature was favored - appointed upper chamber and elected lower chamber - problem, how to maintain balnce in gov amid a pervatsive distrust of executive power