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Treaty of 1818
over who owns Orgeon territory
Britian and Us claim they own it, make an agreement that they both will own it and check back every 10 yrs to see if the land is more wanted then.
Tallmadge Amend.
Slowy abloish slavery in Missouri
Gibbions vs Ogden
Ny claimed that they owned water ways between ny and nj
Marshall sides with nj
Fletcher vs peck
Fletcher sold land through bribery to GA
Marshall ruled this illegal and un constitutional
Darthmouth collage vs woodward
New England wanted controll of darth. collage
Mashall being a fereralist gave controll to gov't
Rush- Bagot treaty
1817, limitated naval armament on great lakes
NOn- intercourse act
Macoen's bill
we can trade w/ europe just not england or france
1810- stated that us would trade w/ england or france if they rmoved thier restrictions
Jays treaty
Pinckney's treaty
wa sent jay 1794 outcome- british promised to leave us soil and pay damages from recent seziures of us ships

spain gave us right the mississippi
1800 election
adams vs jefferson
jefferson wins gets burr to run with him so hell be his vp when they tie burr says hell take presidency. Hamilton sways votes towarde jefferson
American System
1. National Bank
2. raise tarrifs to 25%
3.spend money that comes into country on rhs
4. all will prosper
FL purchase
Mo. compromise
1819- us buys Fl from spain in exchange us gives up claims to Texas

1820- If mo joins nation as a slave state maine will enter as a free stat. no state above the 36, 30 line will be a slave state
Alien and sedition acts
alien- have to live in country for more than 14 years before you can vote

Sedition- cant speak out against the president
will expire in a year
Convention of 1800
nullify the franco- american alliance
adams prez
undeclared naval war
runs againt jeff "father of our navy"

french shoot at our ships, we try to negoatite an agreement, adams sends marshall, before you talk to tallyran(french minister) you mus go through us (x y and z diplimats) ask for 250,000 tribute to tallyran. war begins
Whiskey rebellion
wiskey boys made about excise tax on wiskey which they use to trade, they refuse to pay it so wa sends an army
Shays rebellion
Shay fought in war and was promised compinsation for time served, had no money to pay morgage so bank forclosed his house
gets founding fathers attention how are we going to fix this??
Va Plan
NJ plan
Great compromise
Va- randaloh, bigger the pop more votes and rep in congress
NJ- patterson, equal votes no matter how small you state is
comp- Sherman, house of reps depends on pop (bigger state more reps) and the senate is equal
frenchman- didnt reflect the intrest of american ppl aka. the evil one
heros of the great lakes
Kills Techumse, battle of horse shoe bend
fights in tippecanoe
Treaty of Ghent
battle of new orealens
armistance, both england and us agree to stop fighting dec 24th 1814
battle of new orealens jackson fends off british even tho war was tech. over
Fort McHenry
Star spangled banner, key
fend off british when the come to balitmore