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Beaver Wars
a series of bloody conflicts, between 1640's and 1680s, during which the Iroquois fought the French and theri Indian allies for control of the fur trade in eastern N. america and the Great lakes region. it blossomed into a rivalry between england and france. iroqois raided French and exchanged furs for goods with English. French attacked Iroquois to prevent this trade. french and christian Indian soldiers invaded lands of senecas and burned villiages. Iroquois besieged a french garrison. Iroquois suffered. a pair of treaties, negotiated sep. with Albany and Montreal, recognized Iroquois neutrality and prevented english or french from dominating W. lands.
King Philip's War
conflict in New England (1675-1676). sparked by Wampanoags frustration. king philip led the Wampanoags and wanted to preserve independence against incursions of colonists. spring 1675 colonial court found 3 Wamanoags guilty of murdering a Christian Indian who warned English of Wampanoag preps. for war. court sentenced man to be hanged and Wampoanoags enraged. Philip attacked. Narragansetts heled. they got tired, clashed with Mohawks, and philip died in ambush.
Bacon's Rebellion
Violent Conflict in virginia (1675-76). many settlers (wealthy new arrivers and poor) freed indentured servants and moved to Vir. western frontier. came in conflict with indians. a group of settlers attacked the indians and indians struck back. nathanial Bacon led settlers in a violent campaign against indians (even ones at peace with colonial gov). william berkely ordered halt of attacks. Bacon marched on jamestown. burned colonial capital at jamestown and indian villages. House of Burgesses passed allowing them to sieze lands belonging to indians who left villages w/o permission. bacon died and Berkeley arrested 23 rebels. Powhatans lived in poverty.
Pueblo Revolt
rebellion in 1680 of Pueblo Indians in New Mexico against their Spanish overlords. many starved because of a drought. apaches raided pueblos. Spanish officials chose this time to stamp out all remaining traces of Pueblo religion. native religious leaders were arrested. Pueblos (led by Pope) organized revenge. spanish marched on Pueblo Villages. rebels attacked spanish settlements. all spaniards fled to new mexico and didnt return for 13 years.
slave codes
"black codes" that were a series of laws passed mainly in the southern colonies in the late seventeenth and eraly eighteenth centureis to define the status of slaves and codify the denial of basic civil rights to them. Also, after American independence and before the Civvil WAr, state laws in the South defining slaves as property and specifying the legal slaves as property and specifying the legal powers of masters over slaves.
middle passage.
a six to eight week long ocean voyage between West africa and the New world slave colonies.
stono rebellion
1739 in S. Carolina. an uprising of slaves against whites, inspired in part by spanish officials' promise of freedom for American slaves who escaped florida. began when slaves broke into a store and armed themselves with stolen guns, marched southward along Stono river and headed fro freedom in Spanish florida. in response a Nego Act was passed, requireing stricter supervision of slave activities.
in spanish colonies, the grant to a spanish settler of a certain number of indian subjects, who would pay him tribut in goods and labor.
in the spanish colonies, the assignment of indian workers to labor on public works projects.
procedure by which spanish colonists would pay ransom to free indians captured by rival natives. the rescued indians then became workers in spanish households.