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Daniel Webster 7th of March Speech
Whigs, Prominant politician of the era, his speech resulted in the compromise of 1850, the speech also helped sway the North towards compromise
mercantillism/Navigation Acts
economic system developing during the decay of feudalism to unify and increase the power, series of laws restricting foreign shipping
Pickney's treaty
gave Am. free navigation of the Miss. River and lrg. disputed terr. N. of Fl.
Monroe Doctrine
proclaimed europes should no longer colonize of interfere with the affairs of the americas
LA Purchase
when Am bought lots of land from napolean in 1803
popular sovereignty
what the people want
First Greak Awakening
religous movement among American colonial Protestants in 1730s and 1740s
1787: supreme law for america, adopted at constitutional convention in Philidelphia
MO compromise
Miss=slave st. Maine=free States N of 36 30 were free
Proclamation of 1763
from BR. prohibits settlement beyond appalachian mtn.
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Written by harriet beecher stowe showing what slavery was really like to the north
Lecompton Constitution
Kansas(issure of slaves), tactic by pro-slavery forces to make sure slavery is allowed in Kansas
mid 1800s nativism
Irish immigrants, nativists=opposed to immigration, the Irish were catholic & nativists didn't like them, Irish/German immegrants
Panic of 1857
close to the start of the civil war, the N market was hurt, the S prospered (king cotton)
Constitutional Union party in election of 1860
9do-nothing, or old gentlemens party), old whigs and know-nothings, met in baltimore and elected john bell for pres.
Stephan A. Douglas
Lincoln-Douglas debates, he ran for pres., he ran for senate, he supp. pop sov, he was the reason for the split of the dem party, worked with the comp 1850
Kansas Nebraska
douglas propses kansas be cut into kansas and nebraska and pop sov rule slavery 1854
Hartford Convention
end of the war 1812, fed opposision, the feds die
Dred Scott
slave went to court to sue for freedom after living in free states for years, court said he was property
Colonial regional characteristics
N= rocky, business
E=ocean, sea
S=plantations, slaves
W=moving, expansion