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Who was Roger Williams?
The founder of MA. MA=most democratic along with NC
Who was John Winthrop?
Puritain. Gov. MA Bay colony
Who was Daniel Webster?
Webster/Hayne Debate. Northern opinion.
Who was Robert Hayne?
Webshter/Hayne Debate. Southern opinion.
Who was John Q. Adams?
Federalist. Peace negotiator of War of 1812. "corrupt bargain"
Who was Henry Clay?
War Hawk. Peacemaker in War of 1812. Made efforts to forge the Missouri Compromise. "corrupt bargain"-->appointed sec. of state.
Who was Aaron Burr?
VP w/ Jackson. Shot Alexander Hamilton.
Who was John Marshall?
Involved in XYZ Affair. Chief Justice of Supreme Court. Marbury v. Madison. McCulloch v. Maryland. Gibbons v. Ogden.
Who was Nicholas Biddle?
conflicted w/ Jackson. Heasd of U.S. Bank 1832
Who was Martin Van Buren?
Replaced Calhoun from NY. Panic of 1837-->Divorce Bill
Who was Garrison?
abolosionist. author of "The Liberator"
Who was John Tyler?
Tipicanou. Whig-->democratic ideals.
Who was James K. Polk?
Panic of 1837. Won election of 1844 v. Henry Clay.
*Reestablishment of the independent treasury system
*Lowering the tariff
*Settlement of the Oregon boundary dispute
*Acquisition of California.
Who was John Brown?
Sent 5 sons westward bc of Kansas-Nebraska Act--Bleeding Kansas. Raid on Harpers Ferry.