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What are executive agreements?
they don't require Senate approval but they're as binding as a treaty because they're agreements between heads of countries (usually for routine, administrative matters)
What is the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (1964)?
it gives the president the broad powers to commit unlimited numbers of troops for an unlimited length of time in the conflict
What is the War Powers Act?
it limits president to 10,000 troops for 60 days, w/ additional 30 days to withdraw the troops unless Congress grants an extension or declares war
What are problems with the War Powers Act?
SC has never ruled on it, Congress has never invoked it (they have threatened to, but never actually have)
What are some informal powers of the presidency?
morale builders, legislative leaders, coalition builders, policy persuader, communicator
Who is the Chief of Staff?
top aide to the president, usually pres. has complete trust in him/her and has been a long time associate and friend, manages Executive Office, controls access to pres., one of the most powerful people in Washington
Who is the National Security Council headed by?
the National Security Advisor who has direct access to president in matters relating to military and foreign policy
What is the Domestic Policy Council?
it assists the president in formulating policies relating to energy, education, agriculture, natural resources, economic affairs, health and human resources, welfare reform, drug abuse, crime
What is the Office of Management and Budget?
responsible for preparing budget of the US and can be used to control and manage the executive agencies for the president
What is the Council of Economic Advisors?
responsible for helping the president make national economic policy
What is the US Trade Representative?
responsible for negotiating complex trade and tariff agreements for the president, such as NAFTA
What are the four functions of the Department of Homeland Security?
to protect the borders, to support local agencies like fire and police departments, to detect chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and to analyze intelligence
What is impeachment?
removing the president from office for 'treason, bribery, or other high crime and misdeanors' but the Const. leaves these definitions to politicians, the House impeaches the President (or brings the charges) by a simple majority vote and the Senate tries the impeachment
Have presidents been impeached?
no, Andrew Johnson (for violation of Tenure in Office Act-later invalidated in SC) failed by one vote, Nixon resigned due to Watergate, Clinton's misconduct had not risen to the level of an impeachable offense