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Lord de la Warr
An Englishman who came to America in 1610. He brought the Indians in the Jamestown area a declaration of war from the Virginia Company. This began four year-Anglo-Powhatan War. De la War brought in "Irish tactics" to use in battle with the Indians.
Brave actions saving an Englishman paved the way for many positive English and Native relations.
John Rolfe
Englishman who became a colonist in the early settlement of Virginia. Savior of Virginia by perfecting the tabacco industry.
Lord Balitmore
1694- Founder of MD, colony which offered religious freedom & refuge for Roman Catholics
Sir Walter Raleigh
An English adventurer who sponsored the first English colony on Roanoake Island.
John Smith
1608-took over the leadership role of Jamestown. "People who do not work do not eat" leadership philosophy saved the colony from collapse.
a unified country under a ruler which share common goals and pride in nation.
Became prominent in Colonial times around the mid-1600s because of labor-intensive crops being grown. Mainly used in S in the Carolinas.
House of Burgesses
First representative assembly in the New World. The London Company authorized the settlers to summon an assembly, known as the House of Burgesses. A momentous precedent was thus feebly established, for this assemblage was the first of many miniature Amer parliaments.
Royal Charter
A document given to the founders of a colony by the monarch that allows for special priveleges and establishes the relationship btwn the colony and the country.
"Slave Codes"
1661-Denied slaves basic fundamental rights
An owner and cultivator of a small farm
A system of inheritance in which the eldest son in a family received all of his father's land. The nobility remained powerful and owned land, while the 2nd and 3rd sons were forced to seek fortune elsewhere. Many turned to the New World for their financial purposes and wealth.
Indentured Servitude
Indentured servants were Englishmen who were outcasts of their country, would work in the Americas for a certain amount of time as servants.
Virginia Company
A joint-stock company based in Virginia 1607. Founded to find gold and a water way to the Indies. Confirmed all Englishmen that they wo9uld have the same life in the New Rold, as they had in England, with the same rights.