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1530 and 1521, explored Florida (thought it was an island) died by an Indian arrow
Juan Ponce de Leo'n
explored CA coast in 1542, didn't find much
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
went through the strait @ the tip of S. America, slain by Filipinos, one of his ships made it back to Spain (1st circumnavigation of the globe)
Ferdinand Magellan
when Spain drove off the N. African Muslim Moors of the Iberian Peninsula
"conquerors" in the service of God, fanned out across the Caribbean and into the American continents
Columbus returned here in 1493 with 17 ships, 1200 men, cattle, swine, horses. Island in the Caribbean (present day Haiti and the D.R.)
Italian sea-farer, got the Spanish monarchs to give him 3 ships, was looking for a new water route to the Indies but hit the Bahamas, cam back w/ horses on Oct 12th, 1492
Christopher Columbus
rounded the southern most tip of Africa (Dark Continent) in 1488
Bartolomeu Di'as
home of "Monk's Mound" a Mississippian settlement near present day E. St. Louis, at one time it was home to 25,000 people
desert-dwellers of the Southwest, built a pueblo of more than 600 interconnected rooms @ Chaco Canyon in NM, fell into decline by about AD 1300
Anasazi People
southern large English landholders w/ plantations along the coast, lorded over slaves and looked down on poor, white farmers
Brazil, cannibals, marking on a 16th century European map
Argentina, Land of Giants, place on a map that 16th century Europeans found remarkable
Regio Gigantum
1 in 5 colonists who sided w/ the British
imperial rivalry btwn France and Britain and struggle for N. American supremacy. Colonial militias fought w/ British army against the French and Indian enemies
French and Indian War 1756-1763
carved tight, pious, and relatively democratic communities of small family farms out of rocky-soiled New England, made "Great Migration" from England to New England 1620-1650
false concepts saying that conquerors only tortured and butchered Indians for Christ, stole, infected them
Black Legend
allowed the gov't to give Indians to certain colonists in return for the promise to try and Christianize them (slavery)
discovered the Aztecs near present day Vera Cruz, had interpreters (Malinche)said he had a disease and the only remedy was gold, Aztecs believed he was the god Quetzalcoatl, attacked June 30th, 1520 on the Noche Triste
Herna'n Corte's
French sent explorer down MS River in 1680s
Robert deLaSalle
Indians built this ceremonial religious chamber on the ruins of the Spanish Plaza @ Sana Fe
1497-1498, sent from England to explore the Northeastern coast of N. America
John Cabot
near present day Vera Cruz, chief Moctezuma, Capital was Tenochti'tlan, floating gardens, drove off Corte's, destroyed by conquest and disease
villages of multi-storied terraced buildings
"traitor", Malincha, Aztec Indian, was the interpreter for Corte's (baptized Don~a Maria)
Spanish and Indian offspring, "new race"
1494, Spain secured its claim to Columbus' discovery and split it with Portugal (Spain got the bigger half)
Treaty of Tordesillas
1540-1542, looking for golden cities, went through AZ, NM, and KS, discovered the Grand Canyon and herds of bison
Francisco Coronado
finally reached India (around tip of Africa) in 1498, came home w/ some jewels and spices
Vasco de Gama
an Italian adventurer returned to Europe in 1295 and told stories of his 20 year trip to China (may not have gone), his book got people interested so they found the New World on accident
Marco Polo
created a map of the New World in 1546
Sebastian Munster
led Spanish missionaries to San Diego and set up 21 missions, Franciscan Friars converted 3,000 Californians and taught Indians about plants and crafts
Fr. Junipero Serra
ironfisted conqueror who crushed Incas of Peru in 1532
Francisco Pizarro
Old world Diseases
smallpox, measles, bubonic plague, influenza, typhus, diphtheria, scarlet fever
navtive New World plants
tobacco, maize, beans, tomatoes, potatoes
1770s issues the brought the crisis of Imperial Authority to a head
taxation, self-rule, trade restrictions
discovered Pac. Ocean in 1513, claimed 4 the King all shores on the Pac. Ocean
Vasco Nun~ez Balboa
1539-1542, FL westward, discovered and crossed MS River, brutally mistreated Indians and died of fever
Hernando deSoto