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What type of colony such as VA, were under the direct control of the king?
Who was the leader of the jamestown settlement?
John Smith
Who was the leader of the MASS. Bay colony?
John Winthrop
One of the reasons for the founding of Maryland was it was a haven for
Mass. was founded by?
All Christians could freely worship This was part of this act in Marylandq
toleration acts
who was the founder of Rhode Island?
Roger Williams
who was banished from mass bay because of her antinomianistic beliefs
Ann Hutchinson
beliefsThe development of what crop saved the Jamestown colony
What renellion highlighted the class differences in Virginia
Two ways the Chesapeake colonies dealt with labor shortages early in the 1600's was
indentured servitude and headrights
What allowed the majority rule in Plymoth
Mayflower compact
What was the first representative assembly
House of burguersus
What was the first constitution
fundamental orders of Conn
What colony was seperated from Mass. Bay because the king thought mass bay was too powerful
New Hampshire
Mass bay passed what measure to increase membership in the church
half way covanent
four new england colonies founded what military alliance for protections against Indian attacks and boundary disputes
new england confederation
The death of metacom and the end of King philips war marked the end of
indian attacks
what was the major crop in the chesapeake colony
what was the major crop in South Crolina
what was the most democratic of all the colonies
Rhode Island
What was the most aristocratic colony
William Penn's idea for the PA colony was given what nickname
holy experience
Who was the leader of Georgia
The only colony to recieve subsities from the government was
what economical policy did England adopt towards the colony
what was the behavior of of looking the other way when smuggling was going on in the colonies
solitary neglect
The mercantilist policy was implemented by the
what was to reasons for the increase in slavery in the late 1600's was
cheap labor and dependable work force
what was the African trade route also known as
middle passage
An example of england trying to control the colonies more was called
dominion of england
the most ethnically diverse reagion of America was in which type of colony
what showed the uneasy class difference in massand had a lot to do with superstition
salem witch trial
By 1750 what were the two only unsupported churches
Congregation in mass
angulan in VA
who had limited legal and property rights
What job was to educate the children
who laid the foundation for the great awakening
who was the preacher who traveld to the colonies giving semons during the great awakening
Geroge Whitefield
what was the greatest aspect of the great awakening
common experience
why were colleges formed
religious beliefs
what case in NY set the precedent for freedom of the press and encouraged more editors to be critical of the colony's government
which colony was the least tolerant of other religions
who was the leader of Conn
what called for colonial unity for the common defense for the colonies that was rejected by both the colonies and England
albany plan
England was what over the north america with the treaty of paris along with some small islands in the caribbeans
total control
who began his career by ordering the first shots of the French - Indian war
George Washington
William Pitt's priority was to take what rather than focus on the west indes
north america
what were two reasons for the founding of Georgia
defense and a place to put prisoners
what was the type of farming called in the north
which colony such as MD and PA were under the authority of indivituals who ere granted charters of ownership