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Treaty of Paris 1898
- Treaty that concluded the Spanish American War
-America got Guam and Puerto Rico
- America bought the Phillippines for $ 20 million
- Cuba was freed from Spain
Richard Olney
-Attorney General
- stopped Britain from taking over Venezuela
Alfred Thayer Mahan
- Wrote , " the Influence of Sea Power on history"
- stressed importance of a navy
James G. Blaine
-Republican presidential candidate in 1884
Valeriano Weyler
- Spanish officer who tried to crush the Cuban revolt
Dupuy de Lome
- Spanish minister who spoke against President Mcklinley
- sparked Spanish American war
George Dewey
- Commodore of ships in Spanish American war
-attaked the Phillippines
Emilio Aguinaldo
- Filipino who helped fight the Spanish alongside the Americans
-led Filipinos later against Americans because America denied them freedom
- aggressive, nationalistic expansion.
- Theodore Roosevelt believed in
-the policy and practice of forming and maintaining an empire
-control raw materials and world markets
Pan- American Conference
Conference with James Blaine
- created cooperation between the US and Latin American countries
- Battleship that blew up on Feb 1898 in Havana Cuba
- sparked the Spanish-American War.
Teller Ammendment
- promised that Cuba would get freedom after freed from Spain
- passed in Congress in 1898
Rough Riders
- volunteers lead Leonard Wood and Theodore Roosevelt
Ant- Imperialist League
- fought Mcklinley's expansionism
Foraker Act
- passed in 1900
-set up a Legislative Assembly in Puerto Rico
-gave the Puerto Ricans United States citizenship.
Insular Case
- in 1901 and 1903
-Supreme Court decided that the Philippines and Puerto Rico would not be freed
Platt Ammendment
-gave the U.S the right to take over the Island of Cuba if Cuba do something wrong
- establish American navy in Cuba
Theodore Roosevelt
- United States President from 1901-1909
- believed in " Speak softly but carry a big stick"
-Chile and U.S almost went to war after death sof 2 Americans
Monroe Doctorine
- prevented Europe from monopolizing the Americas
McKinley Tariff
- raised prices on Hawaiian sugar
-reason for annexing Hawaii to the U.S
Queen Liliuokalani
- Queen of Hawaii
- spoke against annexation of Hawaii
Hawaiian islands
- annexed to the US in 1893
Cuban rebellion
- erupted against Spain in 1895
-crushed by Weyler
Frederick Remington
- hired new yellow journalism to draw pictures of astrocities
- drew pictures for the Maine Explosion
John D. Long
- modernized U.S navy
Nelso A. Miles
- commanded the American army in Puerto Rico
Joseph Wheeler
- General given command in Cuba