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Charles Frances Adams
- son of John Quincy Adam
- prime minster to france
- threatned Britain with war if it wouldn't stop building ships for the confederates
Clement L. Vallandigham
- Copper Head Democrat
-demanded end to war
- imprisoned for treason
Andrew Johnson
ran with Abraham Lincoln
- he and Lincoln balanced because he was a southern democrat and Lincoln was a northern republican
John Wilkes Booth
Assasinated Lincoln in April 1865
Trent Affair
- British war ships
- Union stopped from carrying confederated officers to England
- separation between north and south
- ship built by British for confederates
- caputred 60 vessels
secret 19th century Irish and Irish American organization dedicated to overthrow British rule in Ireland
-attacked Candada
National Banking Act
- purchased nond and money
- created during the war
- first step toward unified bank since 1836
Union Party
-all Republicans the war Democrats
-excluded copper head and those against war
-nominated Lincoln
Bull Run
- Union Lost
-Confederates won
Army of the Potamac
- Union army led by George B. McClellan
-never took risks or advanced
Peninsula Campaign
-captured Yorktown and arrived in Yorktown
- Union campaign led my George B. McClellan
Jeb Stuart
- Confederate Calvary
- chased out McClellan
Seven Day's Battles
- Robert E. Lee destroyed McClellan
Blockade -running
- smuggling materials through blockade
- Unionion seized British ships
Second Battle of Bull Run
-Robert E. Lee crushed John Pope
- McClellan defeated Lee.
Emancipation Proclamation
- January 1, 1863
- freed slaves in the south but not in the north
Fort Pillow
- blacks soldiers who surrendered were massacred
A.E. Burnside
- led union army
- lost at Fredericksburg
"Fighting Joe" Hooker
- defeated by Lee at Chancellorsville
- shot by his own men
George G. Meade
- southern general
- Beaten by unionists
Battle of Gettysburg
- George Pickett defeated confederates
Gettysburg Adress
- famous speech by Lincoln
- given after victory at Gettysburg
" total war'
William Sherman completely burned Atlanta and everything in his path
Congressional Comittee on the Conduct of the War
- created in 1861
-dominated by radical republicans
- stirred trouble
War Democrats
- supported Lincoln
Peace Democrats
- against Lincoln
Copper Heads
- completely against war
- called lincoln the Illinois Ape and his "nigger war"
Election of 1864
Lincoln renominated
- Lincoln & Andrew Johnson vs McClellan