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Fort sumter
-Fort in South Carolina that would not submit to the Confederate army.
- Lincoln sent supplies to the fort and the south was mad
-South fired at the fort until it surrendered.
Border States
Virgina, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina
states that joined the Union
capital of confederacy
moved from Montgomery to Richmond
Five Civilized Tribes
Cherokee, Creek, Chocta, Chickasaw, and Seminole
-sided with the south
Charles Francis Adams
persuaded Britain not to build any more ships for Confederates lest they someday be used against Britain
William Seward
- senator who was antislavery and very relgious
-nicknamed " Higher Law" for his religious beliefs
Edwin M. Stanton
-polictiian who opposed Lincoln
- added to problems Lincoln had to deal with
Robert E. Lee
- confederate general
- defeated at Antietam and Gettysburg
-court house where Lee surrendered
Thomas J Jackson
- "Stone Wall Jackson"
- confederate lieutenant
Ulyssess S. Grant
- northern general
- vicories at Henry and Donelson
- captured Vicksburg and Richmond
Fort Henry and Fort Donelson
- Grant defeated confederates
Jefferson Davis
-president of Southern Confederate Staes from 1860-1865
-could not form solid government
George B. McClellan
general from northern command of Potamac
- defeated by Robert E. Lee
William T. Sherman
-Union commander
- burned Atlanta
- targeted civilians as well as military
- iron plated wood ship
- renamed Virginaia and destroyed many Union battleships
-marks end of wooden ships
-small union ironclad built to stop the Merrimack
-fought Merrimack to a standstill in the Chesapeake bay
Thirteenth Ammendment
- forbids slavery
- the south had to ratify it to be readmitted to the Union
Napoelon III
- installed government in Mexico and installed Archduke Maximillin
Archduke Maximillian
- Austrian installed emperor of Mexico
- was kicked out by U.S. after the war
habeas corpus
- Lincoln suspended liberties during the war
- illegally arrested anti-unionists
Morill Tarriff Act
increased tariffs by 5-10%
- installed by Lincoln
National Banking System
- established bank-note currency
National Banking Act
step toward unified national banking network
- first since killing of the Bank of the United States
Clara Burton and Dorothea Dix
- transformed nursing to respectble profession
Sally Thompkins
- ran a Richmond infirmary for wounded confederates
Abraham Lincoln
inaugurated 1861