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Nicholas Biddle
-nicknamed czar nicolas
-president of the bank of the United States
-accepted bribes
'pet banks'
- to destroy the bank of the United States, Jackson removed money from bank of the united states and spread it out in 'pet banks'
Martin Van Buren
-became president in 1836 after Andrew Jackson
- mediocre, not memorable
Stephen Austin
-brought 20,000 Americans to Texas
-fought for Texan independence from Mexico
William Henry Harrison
elected president in 1840
whig president
died after being elected
Henry Clay
-from Kentucky,dislike Jackson
-supported the bank of the united States
Sam Houston
in 1836 Texans delclared their independence from Mexico and made Sam Houston their commander in chief. Beat Santa Ana and gained Texas's independece
Santa Ana
Mexican dictator of Texas who nulled all rights of Texans.
-charged Mexico but was defeated by Sam Houston in 1836
John Tyler
Ran as Vice-President to William Henry Harrison in 1840
-took office after William Henry Harrison died
John C. Calhoun
joined with Henry Clay against president Jackson
-formed whig party
Black Hawk
leader of Illinois tribes of Indians in 1830s
Black Hawk
leader of the Illinois tribes of Indians in the 1830s
-was defeated and forced to move to Oaklohoma
William Travis
colonel during the Texas Revolution
was defeated at the Alamo
The Alamo
fort in Texas
-Colonel Travis and Texans were defeated at the fort in 1836
Calhoun tried to protect the south without seceding
- calhoun wanted to preserve the unitity
the United States annexed Texas in 1845 after a consent from Mexico
strong in new england
-strong in the south also
favorite son
whig candidates of 1836 who were heard of only in their own states
-whigs tried to scatter the votes so the House of rep. could choose the president
Tariff of 1832
lowered the tarriff of 1824 by 10%
Specie Circular Jackson
-decree made by Jackson in 1836
- all public lands must be purchased with gold or silver
-recognized the collaspe of the BUS
-northern idea of the south
-thought annexation of texas was plot to add more slave states
Tariff of 1833
-Compromise Bill that would gradually reduce the tariff of 1832 by 10%
-written by Henry Clay
- saved S.C. from nullifying or seceding
Panic of 1837
economic depression
-banks loaned out too much money for western expansion
-hundreds of banks collasped
-presidnet tried to cut off the BUS from federal government
Force Bill
Bill passed by the Congress in 1833( AKA bloody bill)
-allowed president to use force to colelct tariff duties
Seminole Indians
lived in florida
waged war against Americans
-chief Oscelola was captured
Divorce Bill
Bill proposed by Martin Van Buren in 1840
-disconnected federal money
Bank of the United States
created in 1791 by Hamilton
charter renewed in 1816
- Jackson killed the bank in 1831
-destruction caused panic of 1837
Lone Star
-Texas became an independent nation in 1836
-accepted annexation by the US in 1845
Independent Treasury
-Martin Van Buren passed the Divorce Bill in 1840 which took funds out of the pet banks and put them in vaults in severaql of the largest cities.
-protected government funds from inflation
Anti-Masonic Party
-developed in 1832
-agaisnt Andrews Jackson
Pet Banks
state banks that recieved federal funds from Andrew Jackson
-loaned and printed money
which caused inflation
-Jackson tried to stop inflation with the Sepci Ciruclar but this lead to the Panic of 1837
Whig party
formed by those against Jackson
formed by Clay and Calhoun against Jackson