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What was Jacksonian Democracy?
governing should be directly from the people
What was New Democracy?
the same as Jacksonian democracy,
called for universal manhood suffrage
What was the panic of 1819?
when overextended banks called back their debts
- farmers lost their land
-bankers unfairly were unharmed
who were the candidates during the election of 1824?
Andrews Jackson, Henry Clay, William H. Crawford, and John Quincy Adams.
What was the outcome of the election of 1824?
Jacskon got the most popular and electoral votes
- Jackson didn't get majority in Electoral COllege
What was the 12th Ammendment?
the top 3 electoral vote winners would be voted by the House of representatives for president
-man who gets a 50% majority would be president
What was the Adams-Clay Corrupt Bargaining?
After John Clay was eliminated, he convinced the House of reps. to vote John Q. Adams for president
How did John Clay benefite from the Corrupt Bargaining of 1824?
he was appointed secretary of state
Cherokee Indians?
John Q. Adams tried to deal fairly with the Cherokee Indians.
-Georgia was against John Q.
- Jackson was agaisnt the Cherokee Indians
What was the Tariff of 1828?
increase the general tariff by 14%
How were the Jacksonian responsible for the Tariff of 1828?
Jacksonians tried to drive that tariff to 45% so that it could be blamed on John Q. Adams.
what was the Tariff of Abominations?
The tariff of 1828
What was the Jacksonian Revolution of 1828?
Jackson got majority of popular votes, and in the electoral collge.
Jackson elected president in 1828
Who was "Old Hickory"
President Andrew Jackson
what was the spoils system?
system used by Jackson to reward his supported with good positions in office
-hired scalleywags, and illiterates
Andrew Jackson
Democatic republican president who was voted into office in 1828( Beat John Q. Adams)
appealed to the common man
WIlliam Crawford
ran in the election of 1824 representing the south
dropped out due to stroke
lost to John Q. Adams
Peggy Eaton
married secretary of war. Was snubbed by the ladies of the White house.
John Quincy Adams
- was elected president in 1824-1828( corrupt Bargaining)
-appealed only to minority
Daniel Webster
america's greatest orator
- nationalist from New Hampshire who debated state's right to nullify a law
Denmark Vesey
-free black slave who led a slave rebellion in South Carolina in 1822
Who was Robert Hayne?
senator of S.C
- denounced New England
-denounced the tarifff of 1828
Common Man
man who worked his way from the bottom to the top
New Democracy
more people involved in government
- lifted restrictions
the south declared the Tariff of 1828 nullified
South Carolina Exposition
document written by John C. Calhoun which denounced the tariff of 1828 as unjust
- called for nullification of the tariff of 1828
rotation in office
- sysytem used by Jackson that rotated his cabinet and elected officials.
King Caucus
- a caucas are the leaders of a small political organization
- voters cried "Down with King Caucus" in 1824
Democratic Republicans
- Jackson party renamed Democrats
-opposed to the Whigs
- beleived in common man
Anti-Masonic Party
-party aginst elite groups like the Masons
-opposed to Andrew Jackson
- not very powerful
King Mob
- nickname for people appointed by Andrew Jackson
Maysville Road
road built within Kentucky
- Jackson witheld funs to improve the Maysville road