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at, to
of, from
from, since
in, on, into, at
until, as far as, up to
by means of
for, in order to, considering
for, by, through, for the sake of, in exchange for, per
except, save
according to
on, about, over, concerning
after, behind
a cargo de
in charge of
a causa de
because of, on account of
a diferencia de
a eso de
about, around (+ time of day)
a excepción de
with the exception of
a favor de
in favor of
a fin de
in order to
a fines de
toward (at) the end of
a fuerza de
by dint of, by force of
a lo largo de
a mediados de
in the middle of
a partir de
beginning with, from...on, starting on...
a pesar de (que)
in spite of, despite
a principios de
at the beginning of..., early in...
a través de
acerca de
about, concerning
además de
besides, in addition to
al cabo de
at the end of
al lado de
next to, alongside of
alrededor de
around (place)
antes de
before (time, order)
cerca de
near, close to
con motivo de
with the purpose of
con respecto a
conforme a
according to
contrario a
contrary to
debajo de
under, beneath
debido a
due to
delante de
before (space), in front of
dentro de
within, inside of, in
después de
after (time, order)
detrás de
behind (place), after
en busca de
in search of
en contra de
en cuanto a
regarding, in regard to, as for
en lugar de
instead of, in place of
en vez de
instead of, in place of
en frente de
before, in front of
en medio de
in the middle of
en virtud de
by virtue of
encima de
on top of, above, over
frente a
opposite to, across from
fuera de
outside of, beyond
junto a
next to, close to
lejos de
far from, distant from
por causa de
on account of, because of
por razón de
as a consequence of, by reason of
respecto a
relative to
to look for
to listen to
to wait for, to hope for
to look at
to pay for
to ask for, request
to advise
to agree
to succeed in
ought to (should) (moral obligation)
to decide
to allow, let
to wish
to hope, to expect
to make
to attempt to, to try to
to succeed in
to order
to deserve
to need
to hear
to forget
to seem
to ask
to plan, to intend
to allow, permit
to be able, can
to prefer
to forbid
to promise
to propose
to want
to remember
to know how
to regret
to be accustomed, used to
to be afraid, to fear
to see
acostumbrarse a
to become accustomed to, to become used to
alcanzar a
to succeed in, to manage to
animar(se) a
to feel encouraged to
aprender a
to learn to, to learn how to
apresurarse a
to hurry to
arriesgarse a
to expose oneself to danger, to dare to, to risk
aspirar a
to aspire to
atreverse a
to dare to
ayudar a
to help to
comenzar a
to begin to
comprometerse a
to commit oneself to
convidar a
to invite to
decidirse a
to decide to
dedicarse a
to devote oneself to
desafiar a
to dare to, to challenge to
detenerse a
to pause to, to stop to
determinarse a
to resolve to
disponerse a
to get ready to
echarse a
to begin to, to start to
empezar a
to begin to, to start to
enseñar a
to teach to
exponerse a
to run the risk of
inclinarse a
to be inclined to
inspirar a
to inspire to
invitar a
to invite to
ir a
to go to
limitarse a
to limit oneself to
llegar a
to come to, to manage to, to succeed in
meterse a
to begin to
negarse a
to refuse to
obligar a
to oblige to, to obligate to
ofrecerse a
to volunteer to, to offer to
oponerse a
to be opposed to
pararse a
to stop to, to pause to
ponerse a
to begin to, to start to
principiar a
to begin to, to start to
quedarse a
to remain to
regresar a
to return to
renunciar a
to give up, renounce
resignarse a
to resign oneself to
resistirse a
to oppose, to resist
resolverse a
to make up one's mind to
romper a
to start (suddenly), to burst out
salir a
to go out to
sentarse a
to sit down to
venir a
to come to, to end up by
volver a
to [do something] again, to return to
acercarse a
to approach, to go near
acostumbrarse a
to become accustomed to, to get used to
aficionarse a
to become fond of
asemejarse a
to resemble, to look like
asistir a
to attend
asomarse a
to appear at, to lean out of, to look out of
dar a
to face, to look out on, to open on
deberse a
to be due to
dedicarse a
to devote oneself to
desafiar a
to dare to, to challenge to
destinar a
to assign to
dirigirse a
to go to, to go toward
entrar a
to enter
faltar a
to be absent from
ir a
to go to
jugar a
to play a sport or game
limitarse a
to limit oneself to
llegar a
to get to be, to arrive at, to reach a place
oler a
to smell of, to smell like
oponerse a
to be opposed to
parecerse a
to resemble, to look like
pasar a
to proceed to, to pass on to
referirse a
to refer to
saber a
to taste of or like
sonar a
to sound like
subir a
to get on, to get into, to climb into
amenazar con
to threaten to
conformarse con
to put up with, to be satisfied with
contar con
to count on, to rely on
contentarse con
to be satisfied with
cumplir con
to fulfill (an obligation, duty)
soñar con
to dream of, to dream about
acabar con
to put an end to, to finish, to exhaust
bastar con
to be enough
casarse con
to marry
comprometerse con
to get engaged to
dar con
to come upon, to meet
encontrarse con
to run into, to meet
entenderse con
to have an understanding with
meterse con
to pick a quarrel with
quedarse con
to keep, to hold on to
reunirse con
to meet with, to join
romper con
to break off with, to break up with
tropezar con
to come upon, to run into, to stumble against
acabar de
to have just
acordarse de
to remember to
alegrarse de
to be glad to
arrepentirse de
to repent
asombrarse de
to be astonished at
asustarse de
to be frightened at, to get alarmed (about something)
avergonzarse de
to be ashamed of
cansarse de
to become tired of
cesar de
to cease, to stop
deber de
should, must (probability)
dejar de
to stop doing something, to fail to
desistir de
to desist from, to give up doing something
encargarse de
to take charge of
gozar de
to enjoy
haber de
must, to have to
ocuparse de
to attend to, to pay attention to
olvidarse de
to forget to
parar de
to stop
quejarse de
to complain of or about
sorprenderse de
to be surprised to
terminar de
to finish
tratar de
to try to
tratarse de
to be a question or a matter of, to deal with
abusar de
to abuse, to take advantage of, to overindulge in
alejarse de
to go/move away from
apartarse de
to keep away from, to withdraw from
apoderarse de
to take possession of, to take hold of
aprovecharse de
to take advantage of
bajar de
to get out of, to descend from, to get off of
burlarse de
to make fun of
cambiar de
to change (trains, buses, clothes, etc.)
carecer de
to lack, to be lacking
compadecerse de
to feel sorry for, to sympathize with
constar de
to consist of
cuidar de
to take care of, to look after
depender de
to depend on
dehacerse de
to get rid of, to part with
despedirse de
to say goodbye to, to take leave of
disfrutar de
to enjoy
dudar de
to doubt
enamorarse de
to fall in love with
encargarse de
to take charge of
enterarse de
to find out about, to become aware of
huir de
to flee from
irse de
to leave
marcharse de
to leave
ocuparse de
to attend to, to pay attention to, to look after
preocuparse de
to have an opinion about, to think of or about
quejarse de
to complain of or about
reírse de
to laugh at
salir de
to leave (from), to go out of
separarse de
to leave
servir de
to serve as
servirse de
to make use of, to use
valerse de
to make use of, to avail oneself of
complacer(se) en
to take pleasure in, to be pleased to
confiar en
to trust in, to be confident in
consentir en
to consent to
convenir en
to agree to, to agree on
empeñarse en
to persist in, to insist on
esforzarse en
to strive for, to try to
insistir en
to insist on
pensar en
to think of, to think about
persistir en
to persist in
quedar en
to agree to, to agree on
tardar en
to be late in, to delay in
vacilar en
to hesitate to
apoyarse en
to lean against, to lean on
consistir en
to consist of
convertirse en
to become, to convert to, to turn into
entrar en
to enter, to go into
fijarse en
to notice, to take notice of
influir en
to have an influence on
meterse en
to get involved, to meddle in
pararse en
to stop at
acabar por
to end (up) by
dar por
to consider, to regard as
darse por
to pretend, to consider oneself
empezar por
to begin by
esforzarse por
to strive to
estar por
to be in favor of
interesarse por
to take an interest in
luchar por
to struggle to
pasar por
to be considered as
preguntar por
to ask for, to inquire about
preocuparse por
to worry about
terminar por
to end (up) by
tomar por
to take someone for