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inflammation of the bronchi of the lungs, characterized by edema and excessive mucus production that causes coughing and difficulty in breathing (especially expiration)
inflammation of the trachea & bronchi
the matter discharged from the air passages in diseases of the lungs, bronchi, or upper respiratory tract that contains mucus & often pus, blood, fibrin, or bacterial products
abnormal condition charterized by acute inflammation of the lungs in which alveoli & bronchial passages become plugged with fluid(exudate)
streptococcus pneumoniae
infection resulting from bacteria causing inflammation of the lungs
lobar pneumonia
pneumonia affecting an entire lobe of the lungs
a type of pneumonia that is scattered along portions of the bronchial tree.
aspiration pneumonia
a lung infection caused by inhalation of vomit or other infective material.
tuberculosis (TB)
chronic bacterial infection of the lungs or other tissues caused by "Mycobacterium Tuberculosis" organisms
sudden infant death syndrone
unexpected death of unknown origin in apparently normal infants; sometimes called "crib death"
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
general term referring to a group of disorders characterized by progressive, irreversible obstruction of air flow in the lungs; ie;bronchitis, emphysema & asthma
chronic bronchitis
chronic inflammation of the bronchi & bronchioles; characterized by edema & excessive mucus production, which block air passages
abnormal condition characterized by trapping of air in alveoli of the lung that causes them to rupture & fuse to other alveoli
obstructive pulmonary disorder characterized by recurring spasms of muscles in bronchial walls accompanied by edema & mucus production, making breathing difficult.
abnormally low concentration of oxygen in the blood or tissue fluids.
surgical removal of a single lobe of an organ, as in the removal of one lobe of a lung.
surgical procedure in which an entire lung is removed