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A needle would pierce the epidermal layers in which order?
Corneum, glanuolosum, germinativum
The plasma membrane is important for all the following reasons:
It is selectively permeable, it contains the cell contents, and it acts as a site for cell-to-cell interaction and recognition
What are the structures of the limbic system?
Hippocampus, amygdaloid, hypothalamus
What is the main function of the rods in the eyes?
Vision in dim light
What are the structures of the brain stem?
Medulla oblongata, Pons, midbrain
What muscle works with and assists the action of the prime mover?
Muscle tissue is endowed with all the following:
Excitability, contractibility, and extensibility
Joints are commonly called "freely movable" are?
The area at the end of the shaft of a long bone is termed what?
PTH is characterized by all the following:
It is secreted by the parathyroid gland; it causes activation of the osteoclasts, in excess, causes release of calcitonin.
Papillary layer of the dermis contains:
Meissner's corpuscle and is rich in nerve endings
A single layer of epithelium that forms the lining of serous membranes would be?
Simple Squamous
Movement of oxygen from red blood cells through the blood plasma across a capillary wall is called?
The sweat glands and hormone-producing glands (i.e. duct-ed and ductless glands) are formed from?
During ventricular systole in human circulation, blood enters these vessels:
Aorta and pulmonary trunk
The tricuspid valve is closed when the ventricle is in?
During which part of the ECG does the diastole occur?
T-P interval
What does the P wave in the ECG correspond to?
Atrial depolarization
The hair cells that detect balance are located where?
Vestibular apparatus
What does the QRS compex in ECG correspond to?
Atria repolarization
Urine moves from the kidneys to the urinary bladder throught the ?
Ureters by peristalic contraction of the smooth muscle of the ureters.
What causes erection of the penis?
Dilation of the arterioles supplying the sponge like vascular spaces of the penis.
Gonadotropin releasing hormone stimulates the release of which hormone?
Luteinizing Hormones
Contraction of the mammary ducts during the milk ejection reflex is stimulated by:
What causes ejaculation?
A spinal reflex
What typer of primary tissues line the body's cavities?
Epithelial, connective, muscle and nervous tissue
Where would the pacinian corpuscles be found?
Subcutaneous layer (below skin)
Water moves in and out of the cell by?
Plasma membranes
What is muscle tetanus?
Maximal muscle contraction
What is the part of the neuron that sends information?
Which cells make myelin in the CNS?
Which cells make up the myelin in the PNS?
Schwann cells
The tissue which histologically is squamous epithelium uncertain by a sparse connective tissue is?
Tunica intima
The chief anitbody ammunition against antigens is?
Complement fixation
The dorsal side of the patella is called the?
What is the ground substance in cells?
A fracture in the shaft of a bone would break the
Mineralocorticoids is to aldosterone as glucocortoids is to
Blood within the pulmonary veins return to the:
L atrium
Which of the following are involved in pulmonary circulation?
R ventricle, pulmo artery, and L atrium
Most foreign substances in inspired air fail to reach the lungs because of the:
Ciliated mucous lining in the nose
What are the phases of gastric secretion?
Gastrin stimulates acid secretion in the stomach and the mobility of the entire GI tract, Gastric phase (food in the stomach stimulates further acid secretion and Gastrin release by stomach), then it is the intestinal phase ( food in the Sm intestine stimulates the release of secretin, CCK and GIP)
Most of the water absorbed from the GI tract occurs here
Small intestine
The layers of the digestive tube contains:
Blood vessels, lymphatic nodes and glands in the submucosa
The factor favoring filtrate formation at the glomerulus's is the:
Glomerular hydrostatic pressure
Alcohol acts as a diuretic because it decreases the secretion of the:
Antidiuretic hormone
To relax after a difficult exam a student goes to a local hangout and drinks 2 Quarts of beer. In which, there is a minimal amount of sodium. Which would occur?
A large increase in plasma volume.
What is glycogenolysis?
Breakdown of glycogen to glucose
Equilibrium/dizziness/vertigo- has to do with what apparatus in inner ear?
Vestibulocochlear nerve
Purpose of cerebellum?
Coordinate movement
Which organelle (from cell) has two membranes?
Which muscle extends arm?
triceps brachi
What is the pathway of blood coming from pulmonary circulation?
Venule, vein, heart, artery, arteriole
What is the pathway of vision?
Transmission of light to the retina, pass through the cornea, aqueous humor, lens, and the vitreous humor.
What part of the nephron is completely inside.
Collecting duct
What muscle is in the back of the lower leg?
What is Acetylcholine?
Neurotransmitter released at all neuromuscular junctions and parasympathetic nervous system.
What does parasympathetic nervous system do?
Decrease heart rate
What does the sympathetic nervous system do?
Increases heart rate (fight-flight) release norepinephrine
Where are oxytocin and ADH made?
Hypothalamus but stored and released from the Posterior Pituitary gland
contractions during pregnancy
What is corneum
First layer of epidermis
What are buffers
CO2 and carbonic acid
Which is more prevalant
What is the purpose of glia cells
What is Micturation reflex and how is it activated?
Involuntary urination-occurs when urethral sphincter (smooth muscle) and external urethral sphincter (skeletal muscle) are opened
what is enclosed capsule in the kidney?
The kidney are buried in fat or adipose tissue
Ribosomes and rough endoplasmic reticulum are involved with?
Protein systhesis in cells
Calcium is needed for muscle contraction at?
Where is the most re-absorption of nephron done in the kidney?
Proximal tubule
What is a hinge joint and what are some examples?
A hinge joint is also known as a freely movable join or diarthrosis, ex between humerous and ulna
What is the anterior pituitary gland
No neural connections with the hypothalamus