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based on nature and providence rather than the preferances of the people
Articles of Confederation
The first form of government America had that created a weak national government
Constitutional Convention
A meeting to revise the Articles of Confederation
Shay;s Rebellion
an rebellion led by ex-Revolutionary War soldiers to prevent forclosers on farms.

Highlighted the weakness of the Confederation
Great Compromise
A compromise that gave each state two representatives in the senate and a number based on the states population in the House of Representatives
judical review
the power of the supream court to declare an act of congress unconstitutional
checks and balances
a system for the three branches of government to check each other and prevent one from overpowering the others
the people who supported the constitution
the federalist papers
a series of articles defending and explaining the new consitution in the new york city newspapers
a change or addition to the constitution
bill of rights
a list of peoples natural rights and liberties
bill of attainder
a law that declares a person without trial guilty of a crime
ex post facto law
a law that makes criminal an act that was legal when it was committed, that increases the penalty for a crime after it has been committed of that changes the rules of evidence to make conviction easier.
seperation of powers
principal of american government that makes constitutional authority shared by three seperate branches of government
writ of habeas corpus
a court order for a police officer to present a person and give sufficient cause for arrest
declaration of independence
a list of greviences agains England
line-item veto
the power of an executive to veto some provisions in an appriations bill while approving others
opponents of the constitution
where political authority is devided between national and state governments
a government where a system of representation operates