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Sir William Berkely
-govenor of Virginia
-favored large planters and used dictorial powers
-Failed to protect VA's backwoods farmers from Indian Attacks
-Declared Bacon a REbel
Nathaniel Bacon
-Led rebellion agains Berkely
-did not like the control the large plantations had
-Gathered voluntiers and attacked Indian Villages
-Army defeated govenor's forces
-burned Jamestown settlement
Indentured Servants
-Master paid for the passage from England
-poor from England
-Had to work for seven years then freed and given land
Headright System
-method for attracting immagrants
-Viginia offered fifty acres of land to each immigrant who paid their own passage or..
-a plantion owner would get the land for however mny they paid for
-basis of country's military and political strenght baised on accumulation of wealth
-government should regulate trade and production to become self-suficient
-main goal of mercantilism to enrich parent country (england)
Jonatan Edwards
-Great Awakening
-reverand from Massachusetss
-Influence on New England colonies
-sermons preached that anyone who expressed sorrow of their sins could be saved by God
-those who did not would be damned
George Whitefeild
-traveled all over Colonial America
-Great Awakening
-sermons talked about the hellish torments of the damned.
-preached in barns, tents, and feilds due to large crowds
-god was all power
-god would save you if i believed in him if not you would go to hell
-taught that ordinary people could understand Christain Gospels without depending on misiters
Old Lights
Minister's who did not like the new lights comming into power due to the new thoughts of the Great Awakening
New Lights
New ministers who praised the beliefs of the Great Awakening. Eligable for political power in the Church's
Proclimation of 1763
-prohibited Colonists to settle west of the Appilation Mountains in order to prevent hostilities with the Indians
Townshend Duties
-placed taxes on Tea,glass, and paper.
-money raised from tax paid the crown officials that were previously paid for by colonial assemblies
-also declared the right to search private homes for smuggled goods
Amerigo Vespucci
Credited with calling them the America's new continents after Columbus Died.
-people who stoped farming crops and started farming sheep for wool due to the increase in the demand in England
Thomas Hooker
-led puritans to new colony
Roger Williams
-banned from massachusetts for religious beliefs.
-led group of puritans to what became Rhode Island
Edmund Andros
-Given title of govenor of the dominion of new England
-Hated by colonist due to strict enforcement of polocies like the navigation acts
Royal African Company
-Had monopoly on Slave Trade.
Paxton Boys
-backwoods men who asked for relief of colonial taxes
-due to low paying jobs and less representation
Sons of Libery
-terrorized tax collectors
-tar and feathered people
Holy Experiment
-William Penn
-Provide religious refuge for Quakers
-enact liberal ideas of government
-generate income and profits for himself
-Treat native americans fairly
-promised politcal and religious freedom and generous land terms for immigrants to come
John Peter Zenger
-Tried for printing the truth about a govenor
-was aquitted
-set new light on freedom of press
Declaratory Act
-Gave parliment the right to to tax and make laws for colonies in all cases
Boston Masacre
-Rally outside of customs house
-guards protecting those inside fired into the crowd killing five people one was black
the Tea Boycott
-refusal to buy tea due to the fact that it would be supporting parliments right to tax the colonies
Gaspee Incident
-Gaspee was british vessel that ran aground off of Rhode Island
-Group of people ordered the British off the ship
-burned the ship
-those guilty of doing so were put to trial in Britain rather than in the colonies
Intolerable Acts
-Coercive acts
-Quebec Act
-Cosed por of boston
-increased royal govenor's control
-those accused of crimes would be tried in England
-britsh troops could be quartered in private homes
-Puritans who took Radical positions
-determined to warship as they pleased
-regected proper religious roles of women
-example: Quakers
-let women have a dominant role in the church
Spanish Armada
-Spain eager to end English attacks
-largest military fleets
-carried troops accross English channel
-smaller english fleet took out spanish armada and ended spains domination of the Atlantic Ocean
Starving Time
-ship to brin settlers ran aground in the bermudas
-Local Indians antagonized colonists
-indians killed of the livestock in the woods kept colonists baricaded
-colonists would eat anything they could find
-the folowing may the ship that had run abord in the Burmuda reached Jamestown found only few survivors turned back around
-ran into english supply ship and turned around back to Jamestown
House of Burgesses
-First meeting of an Elected legislature, a representative assembly
William Bardford
-Govenor of the plymouth plantation
-ended comunl laborplan
-disrupted land among families wich he said made all hands industrious
-was able to pay off debt
John Winthrop
-organized Migration
-commanded thespedition that sailed for New England in 1630
-largest single migration of its time
-had charter of the Massachusetts Bay Company which meant that the colonists would be responsible to no company officials
James Oglethorpe
-Leader of Georgia
-Driven by military motives
-georgia was a military barrier agains Spainish lands
-refuge for prisoners
-he banned rum and slavery
Virtual Representation/ Actual Representation
-Virtual- representatives that were in England who didn't actually see what was going on in the colonies
-Actual- governors that were in the colonies who informed the parliment of what was going on
Olive Branch Petition
-Last effort to the King before turning to war
-When land gets handed down from father to son