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comes, comitis
m(f) companion, fellow traveller, associate, partner
extremus, a, um
adj. extreme, outermost, last
resono, resonare, resonavi
to repeat, resound, make ring
tundo, tundere, tutudi, tunsus
to beat, pound, hammer
mollis, molle
adj. soft, mild, gentle
mollio, mollire, molivi, molitus
to soften, tame
molior, moliri, molitus
to struggle, labor
moechus, moechi
m. adulterer
three hundred
rumpo, rumpere, rumpi, rumptus
to break, burst
adv. repeatedly, continually, again and again
ile, ilis -pl. ilia
n. groin, private parts, loin
culpa, culpae
f. blame, fault
adv. as if, just as
pratum, prati
n. meadow
campus, campi
m. field, plain
aro, arare, aravi, aratus
plow, till, cultivate
aratrum, aratri
n. plow, hoe
tango, tangere, tetigi, tactus
to touch; strike