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sinus, sinus
macron over the second u

m. fold, lap, curve
appeto, appetere, appetivi, appetitus
macron over the "o" and over the "i"s in -ivi and in appetitus

to try to reach, to lay hold of, to strive after
acer, acris, acre
no macrons

adj. sharp, shrewd, eager
morsus, morsus
macron over 2nd u

m. bite, grip
mordeo, mordere, momordi, morsus
macron over the 2nd o of mordeo, the first e of mordere, and the i of momordi

to bite, eat, devour
desiderium, desiderii
macrons over the i in _sid_ and the last i and over the first "e"s

n. longing, missing, feeling of loss
niteo, nitere, nitui
macrons over the o and the first e of -ere and the i of -ui

to shine, gleam, glisten
carus, a, um
macron over the first "a"

adj., dear, loving
quid lubet
no macrons

it pleases
passer, passeris
no macrons

m. sparrow
iocor, iocari, iocatus sum
macrons over the "a"s and the i of the 3rd pp

to say in jest, joke
deliciae, deliciarum
macron over the first "e" of each word, and the "a" of -arum

f(pl.) delight, pleasures, darling
ludo, ludere, lusi, lusus
macron over the "u"s except for the last one of lusus and a macron over the "o" and "i"

to play
solacium, solacii
macrons over the "o"s and "a"s and over the last i

n. comfort, relief, solace
solaciolum, solacioli
macrons over the first o and a of both and the last i

n. a bit of comfort
dolor, doloris
macron over last o

m. pain, grief
dolus, doli
macron over the i

m. trick, deceit
ardor, ardoris
macron over the last o

m. heat, flame, passion
acquiesco, acquiescere, acquiescevi, acquiescetum
macrons over o and the last e and i of 3rd pp, and the last e on the 4th pp

to become quiet, to rest, to find pleasure in
sicut (alt. sicuti)
macron over the "i"s

conj. as, just as, like
levo,levare, levavi, levatus
macrons over the "a"s and the o and i

to lift up, lighten, relieve, comfort
pernix, pernicis
macron over the first i on the gen.

adj. agile, nimble, swift
pernicies, pernicei
macrons over the last "e" in -cies and the e and i in -cei

f. ruin, destruction, disaster
ligo, ligare, ligavi, ligatus
macrons over the o and the "a"s

to tie
ligo, ligonis
macron over the "o"s

m. mattock, hoe
zona, zonae
macrons over the "o"s

f. belt, sash, money belt