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Aficionado (n.)
An Enthusiastic Admirer or follower; fan

Sentence- The aficionado followed me into my home, so I had him arrested.
Browbeat (v.)
To intimidate or subjugate by an overbearing manner or domineering speech; bully

Sentence- I began to browbeat the child who was younger than me, although I feel bad about it now, at the time it raised my ego.
Commensurate (adj.)
Of the same size, extent, or duration as another

Sentence- The commensurate project we did was very similar to the project we did back in April.
Diaphonous (adj.)
Of such fine texture as to be transparent or translucent.

Sentence- The diaphonous silk felt good flowing beneath my fingers, but I knew I could never afford the dress.
Emclument (n.)
Fee, comensation, salary
Foray (n.)
A brief excursion; a quick raid
Genre (n.)

Homily (n.)
A type or class

A sermon
Immure (v.)

Insouciant (adj.)
To confine; imprison

nonchalant; unconcerned
Matrix (n.)
the basis of ideas, surrounding environments
Obsequies (n.)

Panache (adj.)
Funeral rites or ceremonies

Persona (n.)
A voice or character representing the speaker in literature
Phillppic (n.)
A harsh often insulting verbal denunciation; a tirade
Prurient (adj.)

Sacrosanct (adj.)
Inordinately interested in matters of sex

Reguarded as sacred and inviolable
Systemic (adj.)

Tendenticus (adj.)
Related to a system

Biast, partial, onesided
Vicissitude (n.)
A change or variation